Islands for Sale in Sweden

Updated: December, 2022

Islands for sale in Sweden
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It comes as no surprise that islands are integral to Sweden’s national image, given that the country’s capital itself is an archipelago. Yet, the 14 isles that house Stockholm city are but a small fraction of Sweden’s island population. 

The Nordic nation has nearly 270,000 islands, with over a third located within the surrounding coastal waters. Though, fewer than 1000 of the country’s islands are inhabited. 

Investors, nonetheless, continue to set their sights on Swedish property – tempted by thick groves of pine trees, jagged shorelines, remote cabins, and an abundance of wildlife. 

All islands (and island parcels) on the market are sold as freehold properties, granting the buyer full ownership rights to the land. Still, given the competitive nature of Sweden’s island market, it’s best to pay close attention to all movements and details.

While successful investors will enjoy a largely temperate climate in Sweden, there is a significant variance in temperatures between the north and south. Given their proximity to the arctic, the country’s northernmost regions experience long, bitter winters and short summers. Central and southern Sweden, on the other hand, experiences milder winters followed by warm and sunny summers.

7 Private Islands for Sale in Sweden

Swedish Private Islands in Numbers
Private islands for sale: 7
Average island size: ~4.9 acres (19,800 SQM)
Average island price: ~$799,000 USD / 750,000 EUR
Average island square meter price: ~ $48 USD / 44 EUR
Updated: December, 2022

1. Arvika Västra Hung­vik Island (730,000 / $780,000)


  • Location: Glava, Glafsfjord
  • Size: 106.25 acres, 43 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~51km northwest of Karlstad
  • Ownership: Freehold
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Located within Glafsfjorden lake, Hungviksön is an island that spans approximately 43 hectares. The sizable property, sheltered by its inland position, is an exemplar of Sweden’s natural wilderness – rugged shorelines, rich waters, thick evergreens, and an abundance of land fauna. 

Rather, Hungviksön’s premier features are its natural assets. The island offers ~2,500 metres of varying shorelines – from rocky outcrops to stony beaches and brief stretches of sand. Forestland is estimated to cover 42.9 hectares of the property’s 43.1 hectares – while dominating, this expanse of habitat is the foundation for a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna. The surrounding waters are also inundated with species like zander, perch, and crayfish. 

These resources grant a plethora of leisure and recreation opportunities. 

Finally, Hungviksön is also to be sold with planning permission to build a 127-square-metre home at its centre.

Arvika Västra Hung­vik is listed for sale here

2. Berg­holmen Island Parcel (€2,200,000 / $2,385,000)


  • Location: Bergholem Island, Nynäshamn
  • Size: 2.07 acres, 0.84 hectares
  • Description: 100m from shore, ~52km south of Stockholm
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Berg­holmen 1 is an exceptional property located south of Stockholm in the Nynäshamn locality. The 8,400-square-metre plot is purpose-built to capitalise on all that Sweden has to offer – an idyllic private haven from which to embrace Nordic nature and serenity.

A 150-square-metre residence raised atop an island outcrop, the property’s primary accommodation offers unobstructed views of the surrounding waters and shorelines. The building, specifically, comprises four bedrooms (including one master), several living spaces, a fitted kitchen and dining area, and a basement sauna.

There are two additional guest houses on the property, each with heating and insulation. 

A premier island parcel.

Berg­holmen 1 Island Parcel is listed for sale here

3. Betsö Brygga Island Parcel (1,770,500 / $1,910,000)


  • Location: Österåker Municipality, Saxarfjärden
  • Size: 12.79 acres, 5.17 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~26km northeast of Stockholm / ~25-minute boat ride
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Located at the heart of an island archipelago just 25 kilometres northeast of Stockholm, Betsö is an exceptional property of both logistical convenience and natural splendour. 

Betsö itself is an exemplar of Sweden’s island landscapes, featuring stretches of rugged shoreline that are punctuated with sand beaches, rocky outcroppings, hardwood timber forests that are abundant with flora and fauna, and panoramic access to deep waters rich in marine life. 

The listed plot spans ~12.8 acres and comprises a collection of five buildings – sufficient space for a large family and additional guests. The structures date from both the 19th and 20th centuries but remain in spectacular condition. Here, with the existence of a sauna, boathouse, numerous balconies and alfresco dining verandas, leisure is comprehensive – picture archipelago sunrises, daytime fishing trips, and sunset walks among native forestland.

There is a jetty on the opposite side of the island for boat access.

Betsö Brygga 1 Island Parcel is listed for sale here

4. Sävö Ek­backen Island Parcel (980,000 / $1,062,000)


  • Location: Södermanland County, Sörmland Archipelago
  • Size: 1.12 acres, 0.45 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~74km southwest of Stockholm
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

A private land parcel on the Västerljung island of Sävö, Ek­backen is an investment in nature and solitude. 

Sävö’s natural value has long been understood, with much of the island being declared as a reserve – such protection has successfully preserved the island’s ecology and created a haven for both flora and fauna. Now, the Ek­backen plot reaps the rewards. 

Alongside its ecological abundance, the parcel features two accommodations (with space for 12-16 beds), a private jetty with an adjacent gazebo, comprehensive facilities, meadow pastures, thick woodland, and a sand beach. 

A gateway to Sävö’s nature reserve and the archipelago beyond.

Sävö Ek­backen 1 Island Parcel is listed for sale here

5. Mal­skär Island Parcel (445,000 / $482,000)


  • Location: Hudiksvall, Hudiksvallsfjärden
  • Size: 1.2 acres, 0.48 hectares
  • Description: 400m from shore, ~4km east of Hudiksvall
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Located minutes from the Swedish mainland, this island parcel offers year-round leisure and recreation. 

The property, which spans ~1.2 acres, comprises a natural plot abundant with flora, a primary accommodation, an additional guest house, and garden land. Specifically, the residence features two bedrooms, a rustic living room, a fully fitted kitchen, modern bathroom facilities, numerous lounge spaces with archipelago views, and an outdoor veranda with an alfresco dining suite. 

Furthermore, the property offers the added luxuries of a sauna and 25,000 square metres of its own water rights. 

Here, residents can embrace the rugged archipelago landscapes and enjoy the warmth of the Swedish sun from dawn to dusk.

Mal­skär 1 Island Parcel is listed for sale here

6. Norra Ekskären Island Parcel (Price Upon Request)


  • Location: Östergötland County, St. Anna’s Archipelago
  • Size: 12.04 acres, 4.87 hectares
  • Description: 5km from shore, ~49km southeast of Norrköping
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Early morning sun on the veranda, followed by a sauna session and wild swim, into an evening of fresh-caught fish or a boating excursion to the nearby mainland – archipelago life in Sweden awaits. 

One of the most impressive properties on the market, this island plot is primed as a comprehensive private resort off the Östergötland County coast. There are two primary accommodations on the parcel alongside a pair of extra guest houses – all showcase Scandinavian architectural styles with bold facades and large windows. Further amenities include a boathouse with a sauna, a playhouse with an adjacent outdoor gym, plus modern utility systems. 

Each building receives abundant sunshine while remaining sheltered from the coastal elements. 

Such comprehensive, turnkey properties rarely land on the market.

Norra Ekskären Island Parcel is listed for sale here

7. Ängö Gryt­holmen Island Parcel (79,000 / $85,000)


  • Location: Kalmar County, Västervik Archipelago
  • Size: 0.42 acres, 0.17 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~100km north of Kalmar
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Reached via a short boat ride from the Blankaholm harbour, Ängö Gryt­holmen 1 is a beachfront plot on its eponymous island, Grytholmen. 

The private parcel, which spans an excess of 1,700 square metres, comprises a primary residence, two additional guesthouses, an adjacent sauna, a storage area, and a boating jetty. All buildings exhibit typical Scandinavian architectural styles and cater to comprehensive, secluded living. 

Grytholmen is a celebrated gateway to the surrounding archipelagos and, itself, is a paragon of Nordic nature. The island, shared by only one other property, features mature woodlands, vibrant grassland, rugged shorelines, and sheltered surrounding waters.

Ängö Gryt­holmen 1 Island Parcel is listed for sale here

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