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Latest listing added: April, 2023

Capítulo Island ($17,800,000)

  • Location: Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Size: ~16 acres, ~6.5 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, 4km west of Angra dos Reis Airport
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Ilha do Capítulo, translating to the Isle of the Chapter, is located in the Baía da Ribeira and features an impressive roster of developments: the island’s original home, a main house built for the landowner, two-floor VIP suites, two-floor beach suites, a leisure pavilion, several accommodations for the staff and caretakers, and a helipad. 

Capítulo’s premier home (~437 square metres) includes large living spaces, a remote-controlled air conditioning system, and a jacuzzi. The VIP suites (~146 square metres) and beach residences (~184 square metres) also feature jacuzzis. 

The leisure pavilion spans an excess of 300,000 square metres and comprises a games room, sauna, barbecue area, digital entertainment system, massage room, and a complete ensemble of living rooms. 

The island is also comprehensibly served by essential utilities.

All documentation is in place for the sale of the island.

Exceptional luxury in an area of exceptional natural beauty.

Cavaco Island ($9,000,000)

  • Location: Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Size: 2.59 acres, 1 hectare
  • Description: 1km from shore, 5km east of Angra dos Reis, 57km west of Rio de Janeiro
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Not only an exemplar of Angra dos Reis’ beauty, but Cavaco Island also boasts a complete roster of valuable real estate traits. 

The 2.59-acre property is naturally well-sheltered, features thick growths of indigenous vegetation, and has a private sand beach – Cavaco’s surrounding waters are also ideal for snorkelling and other leisure activities.

Considered a turnkey investment, Cavaco Island comprises a main house with two suites, a double bungalow with two suites, and five further cottages – sufficient for large family gatherings or rental purposes. 

The professionally-designed estate also includes a sauna, a tennis court, multiple swimming pools, utility infrastructure, a boat deck, a helipad, and interconnecting pathways. 

Cavaco is a property of exceptional pedigree.

Maná Island ($4,100,000)

  • Location: Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Size: 15.4 acres, 6.2 hectares
  • Description: 200m from shore, 8km NW of Angra dos Reis, 69km west of Rio de Janeiro
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Maná Island, locally referred to as Ilha do Naná, is an exclusive property in the up-and-coming region of Angra Dos Reis. 

With a host of existing development, the island is primed for immediate leisure. Alongside a 120-square-metre main house, Maná features four waterfront bungalows, a caretaker’s accommodation, a covered dining area and bar adjacent to the bungalows, a stone-carved freshwater pool, landscaped lawns, a helipad, and solar power throughout. 

These high-grade facilities are the perfect accent to Maná’s natural profile – aquamarine waters, verdant vegetation, rocky outcroppings, panoramic views, and a benevolent climate.

Fazenda Cipó Island ($2,300,000)

  • Location: State of Bahia, Rio Santarém River
  • Size: ~25 acres
  • Description: 21km NW of Barra Grande, Approx 103km SW of Salvador
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Partially developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

This property is situated in the county of Igrapiúna and is nestled within the Atlantic Forest and Mangrove Region. It boasts approximately 3,000 meters of beachfront and is adorned with over 2,000 coconut trees.

The property features three houses. Although there is no public electricity on the island, some neighboring areas already have it. In addition, the island offers basic services like a health center, drugstores, banks, and supermarkets.

It is also located near popular tourist destinations such as Boipeba, Barra Grande, Pratigi, and Itacaré. The most convenient way to reach the property is via the harbour of Ituberá, which is equipped with a runway.

Araçatiba Island ($2,100,000)

  • Location: Angra dos Reis and Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Size: 15.6 acres, 6.3 hectares
  • Description: 2km from shore, 8km SW of Parque Perequê, 92km west of Rio de Janeiro
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Ilha Araçatiba, an island spanning an excess of 15 acres in the State of Rio de Janeiro, offers a main villa complete with seven air-conditioned suites, a family kitchen, a dining space, a TV and living room, a laundry room, a barbecue area, a sauna with bathroom and dressing room, a swimming pool, and an illuminated sports court. 

This home, and the island caretaker’s residence, are serviced by an electrical generator and a potable water source.

Alongside developed comfort, Ilha Araçatiba provides ample fishing, hiking, and diving opportunities. 

A perfect pairing of indoor and outdoor leisure.

All documentation is available and in order.

Pontal Island ($1,750,000)

  • Location: Caravelas River, Costa das Baleias, State of Bahia
  • Size: 197 acres, 80 hectares
  • Description: 800m from shore, 2km south of Barra de Caravelas
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

With access to some of Brazil’s most biodiverse coastlines and the historic city of Caravelas – Pontal Island, known locally as both Ilha do Pontal and Ponta da Areia, is a gateway to life in the south of Bahia. 

The 197-acre property, located in the mouth of the Caravelas Estuary, has long stretches of sandy shoreline, dense growths of indigenous vegetation on its southwestern side, and buildable flat land throughout. 

While Pontal’s development potential would need further investigation, the island’s size does make it ideal for both commercial and private development – from a family home immersed in nature to an eco-resort offering staying on the Bahian coast.

Comprida Island ($1,450,000)

  • Location: Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro
  • Size: 9.9 acres, ~4 hectares
  • Description: 2km from shore, 6.5km northeast of Paraty
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Developed (needs refurbishment)
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Ilha Comprida spans approximately 10 acres and is located two kilometres from the Brazilian mainland. 

Though listed as completely developed, the island’s infrastructure would need renovation to bring it to livable standards. However, the foundations for private luxury have been laid – a 600 square metre main residence, a swimming pool, a sauna, an indoor party-leisure area, a caretaker’s house, a general pier, a service pier, comprehensive utility services, and a helipad. 

Aside from its built amenities, Comprida features a wealth of native vegetation, walking trails, a beach, and clear surrounding shores. 

This is a property that, with some maintenance, is ready to provide tropical comfort and leisure. All of the island’s documentation is also in order.

Grande Island ($1,350,000)

  • Location: Lagoon of Imaruí, State of Santa Catarina
  • Size: 10.4 acres, 4.2 hectares
  • Description: 2km from shore, 2km south of Imaruí, 86km south of Florianópolis
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Lagoa de Imaruí is an inland body of water near the city of Laguna, itself a municipality in the southern Brazillian state of Santa Catarina. 

The listed island, which spans approximately 10 acres, is an exemplar of the area’s natural bounty. Alongside fruit trees, the plot features groves of 30-year-old eucalyptus trees. This abundance of indigenous vegetation supports a diverse ecosystem of wildlife. The surrounding waters, similarly, are home to a rich environment of fauna. 

A private refuge sheltered in the waters of Lagoa de Imaruí awaits.

Bernado Island (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: State of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis
  • Size: 21 acres, 8.5 hectares
  • Description: 2km from shore, 26km west of Rio de Janeiro
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Bernado Island is one of Brazil’s finest. 

The property, accessible by both boat and helicopter, boasts valuable proximity to Rio de Janeiro and established development – a combination that primes it for commercial use. 

Bernado’s 21 acres contain housing developments and a restaurant business that operates on weekends. Furthermore, the property features beaches on its eastern and western flanks, a large boat pier, two helipads, and a church. These facilities could be adapted for use as a flourishing island resort. The price of the island also includes three boats. 

Prime real estate in Angra dos Reis is hard to come by.

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