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Dugi Otok Cape in Croatia

The Croatian coast has over 1,200 islands, 9 of which are listed publicly for sale.

Most private islands in Croatia are sold with freehold titles, meaning a buyer gains full ownership of the property and its lands. The alternative – leasehold titles – initiates a possession agreement for a designated number of years. These contracts can be renewed towards the end of their term.

However, the purchasing process of private islands in Croatia demands patience. 

At its most basic level, foreign investors need the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice – such mandates can take up to one year to process. Furthermore, the right to land ownership in Croatia is based on the principle of reciprocity – if Croatians can purchase land in your country of citizenship, you have the right to do the same in Croatia. 

There is also a common process for the purchasing of small, private islands in Croatia. When land is initially designated for sale, it must first be offered to the Republic of Croatia, then to the county, municipality, or city. Maritime boundaries must also be established. 

After navigating this method, a property can be sold to foreign individuals. Additional expenses are borne by the buyer and average 7% of the total property cost. This figure includes property transfer tax, brokerage commission, advocate fees, notary fees, court registration fees, and certified translation expenses.

It is also pertinent to note that most islands are covered by the Law of the Protection of Small Islands, which dictates a ban on new construction – renovation is possible on freehold titles.

Developments can only be made on an island pending its spacial plan. 

Due to the intricacies of the investment process, which are rudimentarily discussed here, buyers are advised to seek professional support from experts.

9 Private Islands for Sale in Croatia

Ceja Island (€20,400,000)

  • Location: Medulin, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: ~40 acres, ~16 hectares
  • Description: ~870m from shore, 7km south of Airport Medulin
  • Ownership: Part ownership (25 acres private ownership, 15 acres state ownership)
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Tranio
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Ceja Island is located 800 metres from shore off the tip of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. This position grants the property convenient access to the municipality of Medulin (three kilometres to the northeast), Medulin’s region airport (7 kilometres to the north), and the seafront city of Pula (10 kilometres to the northwest) – and vice versa. 

Though spanning approximately 40 acres in total, Ceja is divided between private land ownership and state ownership. 25 acres are available for purchase, while the remaining 15 will stay under state control. 

There are several beaches, a 300-square-metre catering establishment, and a 40-square-metre home on the island, though further inquiry is needed to determine upon which section of land these features exist. The residence is also in need of renovation. 

Ceja is visited frequently by both tourists and sailors.

Private Island near Dubrovnik (€6,500,000)

  • Location: Dubrovnik, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: ~38 acres, ~15 hectares
  • Description: 500m from shore, 20-min drive from Dubrovnik Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Development potential
  • Listed on: Adrionika
  • Map: Information upon request

Located near the travel hotspot of Dubrovnik, this private island is well-connected to resources and services – the city centre is a 30-minute drive from the nearest harbour, and the international airport is also a short 20-minute car journey away.

This access to amenities creates an attractive balance between convenience and privacy.

The island’s natural assets include near-40 acres of total land, flat topography accessible from all sides, widespread vegetation coverage, a few small bays with sand and pebble shores, and shelter from harsh winds by the nearby mainland. 

The status of the land is deemed agricultural. There is a trio of dilapidated stone houses to the south of the island – these are not considered cultural monuments and so can be renovated according to their original size (30 square metres). A water system in need of repair is the island’s only existing utility infrastructure – no electricity is available. 

There is, however, a possibility for further development. Pending amendments to the spacial plan and approval from the local community, there is potential for tourism usage. There is also an opportunity to construct four additional buildings of 400 square metres each, depending on their purpose and land usage – for example, involvement in the cultivation and farming of olive groves (for which the island also has a permit). Such details for construction and development would need closer examination. 

Development potential and proximity to Dubrovnik make this an exciting investment opportunity.

Private Island in Kornati National Park (€5,500,000)

  • Location: Kornati Archipelago, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: 158 acres, ~64 hectares
  • Description: 23km from Biograd Port, 30km from Zadar Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Adrionika
  • Map: Information upon request

Investment in this property provides unfettered access to one of Croatia’s most acclaimed landscapes – the Kornati National Park. The archipelago consists of 89 islands, all of which display an abundance of reefs and inlets. The waters themselves are also recognised for their biodiversity, supporting species such as moray eels, corals, and rare sponges.

The 158-acre property has stretches of sandy shore, widespread vegetation, and flat topography. There are also two ruins on the island – both would need considerable renovation to be fit for use.

Private Island near Zut (€4,950,000)

  • Location: Kornati Archipelago, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: 111 acres, ~45 hectares
  • Description: Near the island of Zut, 28km from Zadar Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Croatia Estate
  • Map: Information upon request

Another island within touching distance of the Kornati National Park.

Foremost the beauty of its surroundings and the proximity it enjoys to travel links are the defining characteristics of this investment opportunity. The regional airport of Zadar is located 28 kilometres from the island.

As is, native Mediterranean flora covers much of the property’s 111 acres – a stone shore is the other natural feature of note.

Islands of this size, and with such valuable proximity to Croatian hotspots, are rare to come by.

Private Island near Kornati National Park (€3,200,000)

  • Location: Kornati Archipelago, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: 49.4 acres, ~20 hectares
  • Description: ~13km from Biograd Port, 25km from Zadar Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Croatia Estate
  • Map: Information upon request

Belonging to the Kornati Islands, this island serves as a premier gateway to the archipelago’s namesake national park – an area valued for its clear waters, abundant marine life, and colourful flora.

The private island itself is generous in size and marked by a plethora of low, Mediterranean vegetation.

The proximate Zadar Airport also provides convenient access to travel routes. Daily flights connect Zadar with the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Oruda Island (€2,900,000)

  • Location: Mali Lošinj, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: 99 acres, 40 hectares
  • Description: 8km from Mali Lošinj, 15km east of Mali Lošinj Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Adrionika
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Oruda Island is located approximately 8 kilometres east of Mali Lošinj – the town’s regional airport is a further 7 kilometres inland. 

The purchase of Oruda includes another small island located 600 metres further south. The two properties must be sold together. 

Foremost, Oruda spans a total land area of ~94 acres and features the ruins of an old church alongside several houses. There is also an existing source of drinking water. The island’s topography is flat and marked by sporadic thickets of indigenous vegetation. Its shores are rocky and lead directly into cerulean waters. 

The smaller island is approximately 10 acres in size and holds the remains of a historic monastery. The ruins are subject to protection from the Ministry of Culture. 

Together, the islands have been offered to the Republic of Croatia and an official rejection was received. As such, they are now available for private purchase.

Two-thirds of each island (to the sum of 81.5 acres) are up for sale. The remaining third is possible to buy at the price of a judicial assessment.

Private Island near Pasman (€2,500,000)

  • Location: Kornati Archipelago, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: ~9 acres / ~3.6 hectares
  • Description: N/A
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Some ruins
  • Listed on: Croatia Estate
  • Map: Information upon request

Spanning just shy of 10 acres, this private island is located between Pasman and the Kornati National Park.

The island, distinguished by its L-shape, is marked by an abundance of low-lying vegetation and olive trees. It also features a stone shore.

Details regarding the island’s exact position, land titles, and development potential require further investigation.

Private Island in Central Dalmatia (€1,500,000)

  • Location: Central Dalmatia, Adriatic Sea
  • Size: ~8.6 acres, ~3.5 hectares
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Croatia Estate
  • Map: Information upon request

This ~8.6-acre island showcases all that the Dalmatian Coast has to offer – a dense pine forest ready to be explored and a shoreline primed to facilitate all manner of aquatic adventures.

Approximately six acres of the island constitute private property, while the remaining ~2.5 are deemed coastal land. The significance of these designations would have to be determined.

Mali Kosmać (€700,000)

  • Location: Split, Dalmatia, Sibenik Archipelago
  • Size: ~1.2 acres, ~0.5 hectares
  • Description: 250m from shore, 22km west of Split Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Biliskov
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Mali Komsać is the smallest property currently listed on the Croatian private island market – its total land area spans just ~1.2 acres.

Aside from its modest size, Mali Kosmać benefits from proximity to Split – the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest in the coastal region of Dalmatia. Proximity to Split also means proximity to its international airport (SPU), a valuable resource for incoming and outgoing travel.

Mali Kosmać is a uniformly flat island covered by macchia shrubland. Rocks around its perimeter prevent easy access. 

The island’s spacial plan does not allow construction. As such, Mali Kosmać is only suitable for farming.

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