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Updated: September, 2022.

Australian private islands for sale
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Australia’s maritime borders are inundated with island landforms – some 8222 populate the country’s vast coastline and surrounding territorial waters. Australia is even mistaken for an island due to its complete oceanic containment. But, due to its exceptional size, it’s rather considered a continental landmass. 

Nonetheless, islands are intrinsic to Australia’s national identity. From the white sand beach paradises of the tropical north, to the mild and rocky outcrops of the south and Tasmania.

The weather in Australia varies greatly between its eight states. As a generalisation, much of the country experiences all four seasons, with hot summers and mild winters. The tropical north’s climate, however, is characterised by a wet and a dry season – here, temperatures soar and monsoons can occur.

Seven of the country’s islands currently find themselves on the private market, the majority of which are found in the warm waters off the coast of Queensland. One property, Ninth Island, is located just north of Tasmania. 

Islands on the Australian market are sold as either freehold or leasehold properties. The former grants the investor full ownership of the land, and the latter enters the purchasing party into a lease agreement of designated length. Contract renewal for leasehold islands is possible.

Of the seven available islands, the cheapest commands a price tag of $995,000 AUD. Alternatively, the most expensive requires an investment of $24,800,000 AUD.

7 Private Islands for Sale in Australia

Australian Private Islands in Numbers (Of Known Values)
Private islands for sale: 7
Median island size: ~49.4 acres (199,914 SQM)
Median island price: ~$2,275,000 AUD
Median island square meter price: ~$10.60 AUD
Updated: September, 2022

1. Wedge Island (Price Upon Request)


  • Location: The Keppels, Coral Sea, Queensland
  • Size: ~23.3 acres, ~9.3 hectares
  • Description: ~5.7km from shore, ~10km southwest of Great Keppel Island, ~43km from Rockhampton Airport, ~510km north of Brisbane
  • Ownership: Long Leasehold
  • See on Google Earth

An island retreat in waiting.

Wedge Island sets the foundations for personal luxury and leisure; the final threshold to cross is simply the construction of a flagship residence – no small task, but one that allows an investor complete control over their future home.

To step back: Wedge Island resides as part of the Keppel island group – an offshoot of the Southern Great Barrier Reef renowned for its beaches and abundance of aquatic wildlife.

Wedge Island offers its own specific wealth of environments and habitats. Across the ~23-acre expanse, there are several sand beaches, lush grasslands, and a host of native trees and flora.

Combine these natural riches with the island’s pre-established developments, and the result is, again, an island on the precipice of paradise. Highlights of the existing infrastructure include: a small bungalow, a fully stocked tool shed, a concrete driveway that connects the existing accommodation to the water’s edge, and various utility supplies.

Wedge Island is listed for sale here.

2. Poole Island ($995,000 AUD)


  • Location: Whitsunday Islands, Coral Sea, Queensland
  • Size: N/A
  • Description: ~1km from shore, ~45km from Airlie Beach, ~457km from Cairns
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • See on Google Earth

Opportunities to own a private island within the world famous Whitsundays archipelago are few and far between. Seen by many to be the epitome of tropical paradise, the area is characterised by turquoise waters, dense island rainforests, and an abundance of both land and aquatic wildlife. Poole Island is an extension of this splendour.

The sizable island was first developed as a commercial property in the 1800’s, and whilst there is still evidence of its former purpose, an investor would have a mostly-blank space to customise to their preference. Some of the more recent additions to the island, however, do stand as a valuable foundation for future development: a primary home that faces out into the Coral Sea, a 700-foot runway that facilities transport on and off the island, and a saltwater swimming pool carved from one of the island’s rocky outcrops.

Simply put, there is immense scope for development and purpose here. And to reiterate, opportunities to own private islands in Whitsundays are nothing short of rare.

Poole Island is listed for sale here.

3. Quoin Island Parcel ($2.5M AUD)


  • Location: Gladstone Harbour, Queensland
  • Size: ~12 acres, ~4.9 hectares
  • Description: ~4.2km from Gladstone Marina, ~7.9km from Gladstone Airport, ~430km from Brisbane
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Not a private island in its entirety, but an investment opportunity that demands consideration nonetheless.

The northernmost 12 acres of Quoin Island, a body of land at the heart of Gladstone Harbour, is poised for purchase. Having long been under private ownership, Quoin features a number of existing developments – private residences on the central part of the island, and both a commercial retreat and a turtle rehabilitation centre on the island’s southern extremity. Though, it must be made clear: any fears that these existing developments would cause disruption or interference with the northern parcel would be understandable, yet unfounded – the island’s north remains remote and peaceful.

A pair of stone buildings are only footprint of prior development on the parcel. Both structures would be in need of considerable repair due to their age and lack of upkeep. The land also enjoys access to several beaches and a private bay – the latter of which would facilitate the mooring of a private vessel.

Freehold land in the Queensland area is another market rarity. This is an investment opportunity that should be taken seriously.

Quoin Island is listed for sale here.

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4. Sweers Island Resort Parcel ($3.95M AUD)


  • Location: Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland
  • Size: ~74 acres, ~30 hectares (Parcel)
  • Description: ~33km from shore,
  • Ownership: Perpetual leasehold
  • See on Google Earth

A near unprecedented business opportunity. For over 30 years, Sweers Island has made a name for itself as a fishing resort and adventure tour location. Now, for the first time in its history, said resort finds itself on the open market.

The full extent of the island – some 1,100 hectares – remains under the possession of its traditional landowners, the Kaiadilt people. Though, for the last three decades, a 30-hectare parcel to the island’s south has been leased from the State Government to facilitate the existing resort. Relations between the government, Kaiadilt people, and current leaseholders has been, and remains, extremely positive.

The significance of this opportunity cannot be understated. Purchase of the resort would be to inherit a highly-established, multi-decade business that continues to show a wealth of life – as of March 2022, the resort had already received forward bookings of approximately 900 nights.

Existing resort facilities include: a selection of multi-bed cabins; an open-air dining and bar space (the island possesses an alcohol licence); bathroom facilities; workshops and a private aircraft hanger; access to the island’s airstrip; a selection of hire boats; mobile and internet services; and unlimited access to the island’s bounty of landmarks, natural environments, and surrounding waters.

Sweers Island is listed for sale here.

5. Temple Island Parcel ($1.75M AUD)


  • Location: Coastal Waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Central Queensland
  • Size: ~123 acres, ~50 hectares (~21.5-acre lease)
  • Description: ~1.75km from shore, ~60km from Mackay, ~740km from Brisbane
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • See on Google Earth

Another land parcel that demands attention.

Located in the Coastal Waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Temple Island serves as an exemplar of Queensland’s natural splendour – coral reefs, interior rainforests, and sandy shores are abound. In service of its preservation, much of the ~123-acre island is designated as a national park, save for the 21-acre parcel that now finds itself on the Australian market. Investors would thus become the island’s only true residents – turtles frequent Temple’s beaches and whales pass the island bi-annually on their migration paths, but these events only further the island’s appeal.

A four-bedroom family home, construction equipment, a light-aircraft runway already feature on the island. These existing developments would allow for investors to take up immediate residence on the land.

As a turnkey property of immense natural value, the potential of this listing is apparent.

Temple Island is listed for sale here.

6. Ninth Island – Tasmania ($1.98M AUD)


  • Location: Bass Strait, North Tasmania
  • Size: ~40 acres, ~16 hectares
  • Description: ~20km from Bridport, ~68km from Launceston, ~203km from Australia,
  • Ownership: Freehold / Full ownership
  • See on Google Earth

An opportunity in the waters north of Tasmania, Ninth Island holds significant potential as both an investment and a private residence. Not only is the island being sold freehold – a rarity for similar properties in Australia – but it is also commanding a reasonable price tag for its of $1.98M AUD. For perspective, a neighbouring island was purchased for $5.5M AUD. This combination of value and price separates Ninth Island from its peers. The island and its surrounding waters are also a haven for aquatic wildlife and birds, adding further natural value to the opportunity.

It is important to note that residence on the island would require the construction of a home, and vessel pontoon to facilitate transport to and from its shores.

Access to transit links on Tasmanian soil, potential for personalised development, and freehold ownership, cement Ninth Island’s value.

Ninth Island is listed for sale here.

7. Pumpkin Island ($24.8M AUD)


  • Location: The Keppels, Coral Sea, Queensland
  • Size: ~15 acres, ~6 hectares
  • Description: ~1km from North Keppel Island, ~13km from shore, ~50km from Rockhampton
  • Ownership: Perpetual leasehold
  • See on Google Earth

Arguably the most comprehensive investment opportunity on the Australian market – the luxury resort of Pumpkin Island finds itself on sale for only the second time since 1961.

Nestled amongst The Keppels, Pumpkin Island has long been a poster child of the archipelago’s beauty. But, aside from its natural splendour, the island has also made a name for itself as an eco-friendly retreat. With accommodation for up to 34 guests and the necessary infrastructure for comprehensive amenities, the island is able to function completely off-grid. Each accommodation features its own private deck, and several also benefit from open-air kitchen facilities.

Activities and interests on the island are abound. From daytime adventures through the rainforests and resident flora; days spent lounging on white sand beaches; and boat trips to nearby coral reefs; to evenings watching island sunsets, and dining on the bounty of the land and sea. Here, nature takes centre stage – and rightfully so.

Named as Australia’s most sustainable hotel in 2018, Pumpkin Island now seeks to continue its storied existence under new ownership.

Pumpkin Island is listed for sale here.

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