Islands for Sale in Australia

Latest listing added: January, 2023

Australian private islands for sale

From the white, sandy beach paradises of the tropical north, to the mild, rocky outcrops of the south and Tasmania, more than eight thousand islands are dotted around Australia’s vast coastline and surrounding territorial waters.

The weather in Australia can vary between its states and territories. Generally, much of the country experiences all four of the seasons, alternating between hot summers and mild winters. The climate of the far north, however, tends to be quite tropical, experiencing soaring temperatures and monsoons during the wet season.

Five of the country’s islands may be found today on the private market, three of which which are located in the warm waters off the coast of Queensland. One more is located farther south in Victoria, while the last lies just north of Tasmania. 

Islands on the Australian market can be purchased under either freehold or leasehold contracts. The former grants the investor full ownership of the land, while the latter bestows upon the purchasing party possession of the island for an agreed period of time. However, it is usually possible to negotiate a renewal of (or extension to) each leasehold contract.

Of the five available islands, the least expensive, private development opportunity is available for as little $4M AUD. On the other hand, the most extensive commercial opportunity may require an investment of around $18.5M AUD.

5 Private Islands for Sale in Australia

Australian Private Islands in Numbers (Of Known Values)
Private islands for sale: 5
Average island size: ~41 acres (166,000 SQM)
Average island price: ~$10,550,000 AUD
Average island square meter price: ~$65 AUD

Pumpkin Island ($18,500,000 AUD)

  • Location: Keppel Bay, Queensland
  • Size: ~16 acres, ~6 hectares
  • Description: ~13km from shore, 16km from Yeppoon, easy access from Rockhampton
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Knight Frank
  • Map: See on Google Earth

One of the most anticipated investment opportunities in Australia, Pumpkin Island finds itself on the market for only the second time since 1961. Nestled amongst the Keppels, this former oyster farm turned luxury resort has long been an exemplar of the archipelago’s beauty.

Accommodation on the island is available for as many as 34 guests in oceanfront cottages or bungalows, each of which features its own private deck, while a select few offer open-air kitchen facilities.

Daytimes on the island may be spent exploring the forests, enjoying boat trips to nearby coral reefs, or observing the plentiful array of wildlife. Meanwhile, the numerous white, sandy beaches provide plenty of opportunity for relaxation. Later, the evening presents the perfect occasion for outdoor dining to the backdrop of the setting sun.

In addition to its natural splendour, the island has earned a reputation as an eco-friendly retreat, having been named as Australasia’s “Most Sustainable Hotel” in 2018 at the World Boutique Hotel Awards. With sufficient wind and solar power, together with ample rainwater storage, all of Pumpkin Island’s utilities are sourced 100% off-grid.

With so many marvellous achievements behind it, Pumpkin Island now has much to offer the future under fresh ownership.

Victor Island ($4,000,000 AUD)

  • Location: Whitsunday Islands, Queensland
  • Size: ~8 acres, ~3.23 hectares
  • Description: ~3km from shore, 21km from Mackay City, 5km from Campwin Beach
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Sotheby’s
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Nestled within the Great Barrier Reef and surrounded by Coral Sea vistas, Victor Island succeeds in combining splendour with privacy.

All 8 acres of the island are offered for sale, unshared with any other development. At 350 square metres, the fully furnished, primary residence boasts a swimming pool and two separate bedroom wings, together with a variety of indoor and outdoor living areas.

While providing the perfect opportunity for hiking, fishing, snorkelling, sailing and jet-skiing, relaxation can be found by the pool or on Victor Island’s breath-taking seashore.

All of Victor Island is off-grid, with utilities generated from renewable sources, including solar panels, solar hot water, rainwater storage (up to 225,000 litres), and a desalination plant. A backup generator is also available.

Located just 1km from the coast, Victor Island can be accessed by a 20 minute motorboat journey from the nearby marina. Alternatively, the available helipad can deliver you to Mackay Airport within 12 minutes.

Ninth Island, Tasmania (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: Bass Strait, North Tasmania
  • Size: ~79 acres, ~32 hectares
  • Description: ~12km from shore, ~approx. 47km from Georgetown
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Real Estate AU
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Situated in the waters just north of Tasmania, Ninth Island holds significant potential as both as an investment and as a private home. With little prior development, the 79 acres presents the perfect opportunity to construct a brand new residence in this tranquil environment.

A combination of value and price separates Ninth Island from its peers, especially as availability is expected to be for a far more reasonable price compared to the island’s similar neighbours. The island is also offered as a freehold, a relative rarity for similar Australian properties.

Nearby transit links on Tasmanian soil together with the potential for personalised development elevate Ninth Island as a sought after opportunity. However, one shouldn’t overlook its extensive natural endowment. In particular, the island and its surrounding waters are a haven for a multitude of aquatic wildlife and birds.

Fraser Island ($79,000,000)

  • Location: Nyerimilang, Victoria
  • Size: ~76 acres, ~31 hectares
  • Description: ~600m from shore, 3km from Lakes Entrance, 213km from Melbourne
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Real Estate AU
  • Map: See on Google Earth

With 76 sprawling acres, Fraser Island combines an unspoilt, natural paradise together with a luxury commercial tourist business. While surrounded by white, sandy beaches, abundant greenery and a variety of wildlife, the main homestead leaves no holes barred in providing for the perfect group getaway, wedding, party or corporate retreat.

The exclusive accommodation comprises 11 bedrooms, a grand dining hall seating more than 30 guests, a wine cellar, refrigeration room, and large kitchen. The extensive resort, meanwhile, boasts a 9-hole golf course, 2 flood-lit tennis courts, a games room, and swimming pool together with a barbecue area. Poised for perfect panoramic views of the whole island, the charming, century-old homestead will never fail to impress.

One of only a handful of island freeholds available in Australia, the untouched countryside offers abundant opportunity for observing the native animals and birds. For the most active guests, Fraser island is ideal for swimming, fishing and water-sports.

For the eco-conscious, the island also enjoys renewably sourced utilities such as solar energy (with backup generator), underground fresh water, and solar hot water.

Situated 600m from the shore in the eastern end of the Gippsland Lakes, access to Fraser Island is either via the 14m x 12m jetty, or by light aircraft on the dedicated airstrip.

5. Foxwell Island (SOLD)

  • Location: Coomera River, Queensland
  • Size: ~25 acres, ~10.12 hectares
  • Description: ~50m from shore, 17km from Gold Coast, 20km from Brisbane
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed

Boasting 25 acres of vacant land, Foxwell Island presents the perfect development opportunity, either as a private residence or for suitable commercial venture.

Formerly a potato farm, the island is mostly level and ready for development for a number of possible uses, including residential, nature-based tourism, agriculture, outdoor sport and recreation, and marine industry. Accessibility may be enhanced with the development of facilities for a jetty, pontoon or boat ramp.

Located within the Coomera River only 150m from the Gold Coast Marine Precinct, Foxwell Island may combine privacy in picturesque surroundings with accessibility. Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove, each offering a variety of options for dining, shopping and recreation, are close by.

Given the island’s proximity to the mainland, there is also the potential to connect reticulated water and electricity supplies.

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