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Private islands for sale in Chile

Chile’s coastline begins far north of the Tropic of Capricorn and plunges south to within 1000 kilometres of Antarctica – a 4,000-kilometre expanse home to approximately 43,471 islands.

Perhaps still an underrated destination on the world map, the South American country offers some of the most dramatic landscapes to be seen anywhere on the planet. And the country’s islands are to be found throughout these wildernesses – from the glacial archipelagos of Aysén Province to the bays of Chiloé Island and the inland lakes of Patagonia. Chile’s islands are suffused with snow-capped mountain views, old-growth forests, lapis waters, biodiverse wetlands, and abundant wildlife.

The country’s latitudinal breadth causes a range of climatic differences. Understandably, average temperatures drop the further south travelled. Chiefly, the north is defined by arid desertland, central Chile boasts a temperate Mediterranean climate, and Chilean Patagonia ranges from cool to cold. All ten islands currently offered for sale in Chile reside within the central and southern regions.

Similarly, all of the islands hold freehold titles. Each a model of Chile’s natural grandeur, the islands offer a range of profiles: from ecological sanctuaries to private refuges and eco-resorts.

9 Private Islands for Sale in Chile

Cui-Cui Island ($3,200,000 USD)

Credit: Private Islands Online, Sotheby

  • Location: Los Lagos, Puyehue
  • Size: 30 acres, ~12 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore (5-minute boat ride), ~16km west of Entre Lagos
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Existing buildings
  • See on Google Earth

A resident of Puyehue Lake, Cui-Cui is one of Chile’s finest recursive islands. Not only does the property accommodate private leisure, but it also serves as a gateway to the surrounding landscapes – here, recreation knows no bounds. 

Cui-Cui’s 30 acres are dominated by native forestland dissected with walking trails. A central elevation, alongside various shoreline outcroppings, grant uninterrupted vistas of the lake and beyond – from the Andes mountain range to the adjacent Puyehue volcano. Numerous points along Cui-Cui’s shoreline also grant easy access to the water. 

As a developed island, Cui-Cui features 5000 square feet of accommodations (13 bedrooms with 32 beds), cooking and dining facilities, a games room, and a caretaker’s residence. All living spaces are equipped for immediate use. Several boats are also included in the sale of the property. 

Recreation and nature abound, Cui-Cui’s island experience is comprehensive.

Lacao Island ($3,200,000 USD)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Province of Chiloé, Ancud Commune
  • Size: 206 acres, ~83 hectares
  • Description: 700m from shore, ~16km northeast of Ancud
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-Developed
  • See on Google Earth

The undeveloped island of Lacao, located just 700 metres offshore in Caulin Bay, is recognised locally for its natural charm. The substantial property, which spans in excess of 200 acres, features a northern edge that rises into a 14-metre cliff – a vantage point that offers sweeping views towards the mainland coast. Lacao’s southern boundary, instead, slopes gradually to sea level, where a sand beach meets deep blue waters. Open pastures, dense thickets, and an area of wetland cover the land in between. 

Proximate to the cities of Ancud and Puerto Montt, Lacao Island has the potential for a variety of purposes – from habitat conservation to private sanctuary or commercial development.

Kruger Island ($2,500,000 USD)

Credit: James Edition

  • Location: Eberhard Fjord, Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica
  • Size: 74 acres, ~30 hectares
  • Description: 200m from shore, ~9km northwest of airport Teniente Julio Gallardo
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Existing buildings
  • See on Google Earth

Kruger Island is a small recursive property located on the eastern flank of the Chilean Fjordlands.

An excerpt of the area’s rugged landscape, Kruger features open pastures of rough shrubland, sporadic thickets of vegetation, rocky shores, and a southern sandbar. Views of sprawling waterways and snow-capped mountains extend to the horizon.

The property also shows foundational development. There is a 190-square-metre house, a 120-square-metre shed, and an 80-square-metre warehouse. A registered well serves fresh water, and there is also an electricity generator. 

Puerto Natales is the nearest significant settlement, located 19 kilometres to the southeast.

Bandurrias Island ($2,125,000 USD)

Credit: Mercado Libre

  • Location: Cochamó Commune, Las Rocas Lake
  • Size: 12.3 acres, ~5 hectares
  • Description: 200m from shore, ~20km west of Lago Puelo
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Existing buildings
  • See on Google Earth

Encircled by snow-capped mountains and verdant hillsides, this island profiles as a remote sanctuary in the Chilean wilderness. Though undoubtedly disconnected from the monotony of city-bound life, the property still enjoys proximity to the settlements of Lago Puelo and Puerto Montt (20km and 110km, respectively). 

Deer, foxes, and a variety of birds are all native to the evergreen woodlands surrounding Las Rocas Lake. The nutrient-rich waters are also teeming with fish. 

There are two main structures on the island alongside tertiary buildings for utilities. The primary house comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a complete ensemble of communal spaces. A secondary cabin that can accommodate six residents is also present.

Imalev Island ($1,500,000 USD)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Province of Chiloé, Castro Commune
  • Size: 32 acres, ~13 hectares
  • Description: 3km from shore, ~29km east of Chonchi
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-Developed
  • See on Google Earth

Imalev Island is a 32-acre property within the Chiloé Archipelago – a collection of islands located between Chiloé Island and the Chilean mainland. As one of the smaller islands within the group, Imalev is well-sheltered on both flanks from the elements. 

The triangular property rises to a cliff on its south-southeastern edge – the 80-metre bluff features a lighthouse and drops sharply into the deep blue waters below. The western shoreline extends into a sandbar and can be walked. Much of Imalev’s interior habitat is characterised by prairie land, though there are some pockets of native vegetation. 

Though undeveloped beyond the maritime-army lighthouse, Imalev Island harbours natural water resources that could sustain residents. Future expansion is a real possibility.

Isla Los Conejos (Price Upon Request)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Chaitén Commune, Yelcho Lake
  • Size: 23.6 acres, ~9.5 hectares
  • Description: 400m from shore, ~16km northeast of Santa Lucía Villa
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Two small cabins
  • See on Google Earth

Set within the glacial waters of Yelcho Lake, Isla Los Conejos is a residential island delivering remote sanctuary. 

The 23.6-acre property provides one of the most immersive natural experiences on the real estate market. Yelcho Lake is not only surrounded by dramatic mountain landscapes and considered one of the best fly fishing destinations on Earth. It is also a gateway to the Pumalin National Park – a 715,000 conservation area inhabited by ancient rainforests, pumas, pudus, condors, and more.

Isla Los Conejos features virgin forestland home to a flourishing diversity of bird species and fauna. The island also has two furnished homes, an alfresco barbecue area, and a comprehensive ensemble of utilities.

Here, the connection with nature is ubiquitous.

Island in Hualaihué (Price Upon Request)

Credit: Christie’s Real Estate

  • Location: Palena Province, Hualaihué Commune
  • Size: 5092 acres, 2060 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~1.6km south of Hornopirén, ~68km southeast of Puerto Montt
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Existing buildings
  • See on Google Earth

Old-growth forests, interior lagoons, neighbouring fjords, and sand beaches that meet glacial waters: the natural assets of this Hualaihué-based island are staggering. The property, comprising 5092 acres of Chilean wilderness, surpasses itself as a gateway to the natural world. 

The island is less than two hours’ travel from Puerto Montt and just 1600 metres from the town of Hornopirén. Other landmarks within the immediate vicinity include the Quintupeu Fjord, the Llancahué and Pichicolo thermal springs, the sea lion colonies of Lilihuapi Island, and Pumalin National Park.

A four-bedroom cabin is present on the island, alongside a caretaker’s home. 

An unprecedented opportunity to own a private wilderness.

Island in Chilean Patagonia ($35,000,000 USD)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Aysen Region, Patagonia
  • Size: 108,726 acres, ~44,000 hectares
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-Developed

Nothing short of an entire landscape, this Chilean property surpasses its island designation.

The estate, which spans in excess of 100,000 acres, holds immense biological value. Here, habitats teem with wildlife – from wetlands and marshy meadows hosting eagles and black herons to freshwater lakes rich with fish populations. Entire ecosystems exist within the boundaries of this one island. 

Specifically, the property features two landmark lakes (7 km² and 4.5 km² respectively), a highland reservoir which feeds rivers that flow to the sea, secluded beaches, sheltered coves, rocky outcrops, and vast forests of indigenous trees.

Other notable inhabitants of these rugged environs include condors, skunks, pudu, huemul, puma, and foxes. 

A paragon of Patagonian wilderness and an unprecedented investment opportunity.

Huape Island Parcel ($900,000 USD)

Credit: James Edition

  • Location: Los Rios Region, Punucapa, Cruces River
  • Size: ~52 acres, ~21 hectares
  • Description: 100m from shore, ~6km northwest of Aeródromo las Marías
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-Developed
  • See on Google Earth

Nestled into the western banks of the Las Cruces River, Huape Island is a prized parcel of biodiverse land. The approximately 50-acre property constitutes a valuable part of the wider wetland and grassland habitats – both of which serve as a natural sanctuary for indigenous flora and fauna.

While much of the island itself comprises flat plains, there are some remnants of the Valdivian jungle – a temperate rainforest endemic to the lands surrounding its eponymous settlement.

Huape Island is easily accessed from the city of Valdivia. Transit consists of a drive and a subsequent boat ride – there is a small dock for disembarking.

A flourishing refuge in waiting.

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