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Purchasing a private island can be a challenging and overwhelming process, particularly if you’re unsure of how to begin.

Our research indicates that at any given time, there are usually less than 500 private islands on the market worldwide, not including those in Canada and the U.S.

Another concern in this sector is the varying degrees of transparency among different marketplaces, local real estate sites and even brokers.

This can lead to substantial challenges for prospective buyers (like you), including issues such as building restrictions, missing permits or ambiguous legal ownership.

Furthermore, the valuation of such properties is often subject to considerable discrepancies. For example, our firm recently helped to facilitate the acquisition of an island in Norway for a client at a price of €350,000 which was significantly below its appraised value of €900,000. Conversely, an island in Brazil was listed at €4 million, yet a valuation by a U.S. bank estimated its worth at merely €1 million.

Finally, for many international buyers, finding a private island that offers easy access, fair pricing, and the possibility for full-time residence can be a significant challenge.

Island Acquisition Consulting and Discovery Service

Halvøya Island, Aerial View

If you are seriously considering buying an island, you should take action. Owning a private island is one of the greatest luxuries nature can provide.

Here is how we assist prospective buyers in embarking on this journey:

Step 1: We collect detailed information about your preferences, including your desired location, ultimate objectives, budget, and financing options.

Step 2: We provide a comprehensive overview of the current market dynamics, including insights into island pricing and the detailed processes involved in buying property as a foreign individual or organization in your chosen country.

Step 3: Our team conducts an exhaustive search to identify islands that align with your specified criteria, presenting you with potential options for your consideration.

The consultation call is priced at $990 and can be scheduled using the form option below.

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