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Updated: January 11, 2023.

Credit: Santo Stefano Island, Italy | Dreamstime

Roughly 450 islands exist within Italian borders – Sicily and Sardinia being the most famous. The vast majority – 350 – are to be found off the nation’s mainland, whilst the remaining ~100 serve as inland, recursive islands. Italy’s western coastline, and the waters that surround both Sicily and Sardinia, are those most populated with islands.

Standard practice is for islands to be sold as freehold investments. Purchasing freehold means gaining full ownership of the land. The alternative is to buy land via leasehold agreements. This enters the investor into a contract whereupon they own the land for a designated period of time – leasehold agreements can be renewed once the contract has run its course.

Due to its location, Italy boasts a Mediterranean climate, experiencing hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. As such, Italian islands are liveable year-round.

We’ve scouted 10 private islands in Italy that are available to purchase. The cheapest island on offer spans ~16,000 square meters and costs €690,000. The most expensive island costs €17,000,000 and extends for ~28-acres.

10 Private Islands for Sale in Italy

Italian Private Islands in Numbers
Private islands for sale: 10
Median island size: ~235,132 SQM (58.6 acres)
Median island price: ~€4,930,000 ($5,350,000) – of known prices
Median island square meter price: ~€204 ($221) – in accordance with known prices
Last updated: July 13, 2022

1. Santa Maria Island (€17M / $18.4M)


  • Location: Stagnone Lagoon, Tyrrhenian Sea, Sicily, Southern Italy
  • Size: ~28 acres, ~11 hectares
  • Description: ~20-minutes by motorboat from Birgi, 450km south of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Santa Maria Island holds a premium location at the heart of the Stagnone Lagoon, a sheltered expanse of mirror-flat coastal water on the west coast of Sicily. In recent years, the lagoon has become recognised as one of the best places in the world for kitesurfing – an added perk for any water sports inclined investors.

The island itself boasts both a mansion and 16th century chapel. An animal shelter and additional residence are also present. An onsite generator supplies electricity to the island.

Whilst an olive grove is perhaps Santa Maria’s defining natural feature, the island is also populated by pine and palm trees. Prickly pears are a common sight too.

Santa Maria’s pedigree of location, established mansion development, and natural beauty make it a premium, and rare, opportunity for investors.

Santa Maria Island is listed for sale here.

2. Isola Ravaiarina (€3,000,000 / $3,250,000)


  • Location: West Isla Gorgo and Grado, eastern Marano Lagoon, Northern Italy
  • Size: ~142 acres, ~58 hectares
  • Description: ~1km from Grado Port, 430km northwest of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Isola Ravaiarina’s is a property with untapped tourist potential. Said potential comes from two of the island’s defining features – a once-operational restaurant, and a collection of purpose built fish farm lagoons. A potential investor could, once again, harness the surrounding lagoon’s natural bounty for use in Isola Ravaiarina’s restaurant – an injection of capital is, perhaps, all that is needed to spark the return of paying customers.

The island benefits from its own fully functioning harbour, making transport to and from the mainland viable – the port at Grado is just ~1km away by boat.

Isola Ravaiarina’s unique features and pre-established facilities certainly make it one of the more intriguing investment opportunities on the Italian market.

Ravaiarina Island is listed for sale here.

3. Viscontea Island (€1,700,000 / $1,840,000)


  • Location: East of Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Adda River, Northern Italy
  • Size: ~0.5 acres, ~0.2 hectares
  • Description: ~40m from shore, ~30-minutes from Bergamo Airport, 504km northwest of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Viscontea Island holds a colourful past. The small pocket of land is believed to have found its origins in the widening of the Adda river – specifically, displacement of land to facilitate bridge, and river, expansion came to form the foundations for what is now Viscontea Island. Some historians even contend that Da Vinci himself played an active role in these operations.

After its creation, the island was used as a military fort and, later, as a fisherman’s home. It’s remained uninhabited since 1956.

The main house (238-square-meters) that resides on Viscontea Island is in need of full renovation. It’s pertinent to note, though, that all buildings on the island – the main house and other, small ancillary buildings – are protected by landscape restrictions due to their historic provenance. As such, any renovations or changed would likely need authority approval.

Viscontea Island’s well-connected location is one of its most prominent assets – a number of airports are within an hour’s drive.

Viscontea Island is listed for sale here.

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4. Isola delle Femmine (€1,650,000 / $1,790,000)


  • Location: West of Mondello, Tyrrhenian Sea, Palermo, Sicily, Southern Italy
  • Size: ~34 acres, ~14 hectares
  • Description: ~400m from shore, 16km from Palermo Airport, 410km south of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Isola delle Femmine (Island of the Women), also known as Isolotto, is another Italian island steeped in history – from the provenance of its name, to the relics it holds.

One legend tells that Turkish maidens were sent from their homeland on ships and left adrift in the middle of the sea. In time, the ships came to wreck on a small island, and it was there that they lived for seven years. The island in question became known as Isola delle Femmine.

A derelict watchtower sits as the centrepiece to the island – a remnant of the 16th century defence system that protected Sicily from the attacks of Corsair ships. Whilst currently in ruin, there is potential for conservative restoration – a process that could pave way for a private residence or archaeological museum.

The island could also serve as a valuable preservation piece as is.

Isola delle Femmine benefits from premium location on the Sicilian coast – the city of Palermo, and its airports, are less than ~20km away.

Isolotto Island is listed for sale here.

5. Ottagono San Pietro Island (Price Upon Request)

Credit: Google Earth, Google Maps

  • Location: West of Santa Maria del Mare, Venetian Lagoon, Northern Italy
  • Size: ~0.7 acres, ~0.3 hectares
  • Description: ~800m from shore, ~11km from Venice, ~384km north of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Ottagono San Pietro is one of five octagonal islands found in the Venetian Lagoon. Amongst serving other purposes, each of the five islands were used as military bases during the two world wars. Since 1970s, though, Ottagono San Pietro has remained uninhabited and abandoned – the structures left behind have fallen into mass disrepair. However, this does present a prime opportunity for an ambitious, restorative investor. With the island’s historical provenance, and significance, it has both personal and commercial potential.

Proximity to the influential city of Venice is another major boost to the island’s broad potential – transport links, and foot-traffic, are plentiful.

Ottagono San Pietro’s size makes it one of the more manageable island investments on the Italian market.

Island of Ottagona San Pietro is listed for sale here.

6. Isola dei Cappuccini (Price Upon Request)


  • Location: Costa Smeralda, Archipelago of La Maddalena, Olbia-Tempio, Sardinia, Western Italy
  • Size: ~2 acres, ~0.8 hectares
  • Description: ~500m from the north-west coast of Sardinia, 260km southwest of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Isola dei Cappuccini sits just off the northern coast of Sardinia, the second of Italy’s major island regions. Proximity to Sardinia is one of the island’s most valuable features, allowing for access to the island’s established facilities and services.

Perhaps the island’s true, most valuable asset is its allowance for construction. A pre-built community of 8 circular bungalows already stands on the island, all with large windows and sea views – Isola dei Cappuccini was intended to be a residential hotel, but was left unfinished. Permits for the construction of a heliport and number of floating docks have already been acquired, whilst further permits for essential amenities can easily be acquired.

Isola dei Cappuccini has been left on the precipice of operation – a strategic investor can take full advantage of that foundation.

Isola dei Cappuccini is listed for sale here.

7. Isola Lunga (Price Upon Request)


  • Location: Marsala, Trapani, Sicily, Southern Italy
  • Size: ~297 acres, ~120 hectares
  • Description: ~3km from shore, near Trapani-Birgi Airport, 450km south of Rome
  • Ownership: Freehold / Full ownership of part of the island
  • See on Google Earth

Isola Lunga, also known as Isola Grande, is another exemplar of the Marsala majesty. Isola Lunga stands as the largest of the resident Stagnone Islands.

Whilst the island in its entirety is ~120-hectares, just ~88-hectares are on the market. The acreage that is for sale contains a number of ruined properties that have residential potential if restored.

Isola Lunga is known for the regenerative salt pans on its west coast, whilst the southern limb of the island is purposed as a nature reserve. The reserve serves to showcase the beauty of both the Italian landscapes, and its natural inhabitants – migratory flocks of white and pink flamingos are some of the island’s most famous visitors.

Isola Lunga is listed for sale here.

8. Ottagono Alberoni (Price Upon Request)


  • Location: Venice’s Lagoon, Venice, Veneto, Northern Italy
  • Size: ~7 acres, ~3 hectares
  • Description: ~700m from shore, ~10km from Venice, ~35-minutes by speedboat from Lido Island, 380km north of Rome
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Ottagono Alberoni – another of the Venetian Lagoon’s five octagonal islands that finds itself on the market.

Again, this ~7-acre plot benefits from premium location. With Venice just a short boat ride away, access to the island is swift and easy, and thus access to the facilities and services of the city is equally swift. Balance between connectivity and seclusion makes Ottagono Alberoni an attractive location for a private residence.

A wall surrounds the entirety of the island, and dense greenery fills what land is not taken up by old buildings. A terrace atop the main building accommodates for panoramic views of the island and surrounding lagoon.

Ottagono Alberoni Island is listed for sale here.

9. Santo Stefano Island (Price Upon Request)

Credit:, Google Maps

  • Location: Member of the Pontine Islands, Gulf of Gaeta, Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Size: ~62 acres, ~25 hectares
  • Description: ~2km from Ventotene Island, 73km from Napoli Port, 147km southeast of Rome
  • Ownership: Part ownership of the island
  • See on Google Earth

Santo Stefano stands as the smallest of the Pontine Islands – a collective that reside off the west coast of Naples. The island rests just ~2km from the populated island of Ventotene, and ~60km from the ports at Naples – an ideal for location for its comprehensive travel connections.

Due to its historical provenance, Santo Stefano yields valuable attention from nearby tourists. The island is the famed home of a Bourbon prison, a facility that saw use into the mid-1960s. Amongst others, and prior to his rise to Italian presidency, Sando Pertini was famously interned within the jail. Purchase of the the island does not include the historic prison facility, of which shall remain in the possession of the Italian state.

Interest in the island extends beyond its historical holdings though. Santo Stefano also offers itself as a gateway to enjoy the surrounding natural world – dramatic Mediterranean landscapes; island and ocean habitats filled with flora and fauna.

Santo Stefano Island is listed for sale here.

10. Ustica Island Parcel (€1,500,000 / $1,625,000)


  • Location: Palermo, Sicily, Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Size: ~7 acres, ~0.4 hectares
  • Description: ~50km from Palermo, ~65km from Palermo Port, ~60km from Palermo Airport, ~360km south of Rome
  • Ownership: Freehold / Island Parcel
  • See on Google Earth

Residing just ~50km north of Palermo – the capital of Sicily, and a landmark of southern Italy – Ustica Island has long been of interest. It’s believed that the island, renamed by the Romans for its ‘burnt’ black rocks, has been populated since 1500 BC – there are even settlement remains to suggest Ustica harboured prehistoric inhabitants. In more recent years, during Mussolini’s regime, the island saw use as a Fascist prison.

However, Ustica’s time as a centre of conflict has come to an end. Today, the island is home to roughly 1,300 people – a Mediterranean haven surrounded by the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Now, a 7-acre parcel of biological land – which features a farmhouse, guest bungalow, and permit for an additional build – finds itself on the market. Aside from its valuable proximity to Palermo, the land’s defining allures are its fertility, diversity of flora and fauna, and private residence potential.

Ustica Island Parcel is listed for sale here.

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