Islands for Sale in Nicaragua

Updated: December, 2022

Nicaraguan private islands for sale
Credit: Nicaragua | Unsplash

The “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes” – Nicaragua is defined by its dramatic landscapes. As this moniker spreads, the Central American nation continues to assert itself on the global stage as a hub for adventure and exploration. And as its worldwide recognition grows, so too does the market for its private land.

While Nicaragua boasts just 160 large-scale islands, the country’s famous Isletas de Granada – a famous archipelago group within the country’s namesake lake – contains 365 smaller islets alone.

Of these islands that find themselves for sale on the Nicaraguan market, most fall under the category of freehold properties – a purchasing contract granting the investor full ownership of the land in question.

As a Central American country, Nicaragua’s tropical climate is dominated by two distinct seasons: a dry season lasting from November to April and a wet season that persists between May and October. Regardless of these weather fluctuations, temperatures within the country remain constant – ranging from 21˚C to 27˚C.

8 Private Islands for Sale in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Private Islands in Numbers (Of Known)
Private islands for sale: 8
Average island size: ~2.5 acres (10,022 SQM)
Average island price: $417,500 USD
Average island square meter price: $35.60 USD
Last updated: December, 2022

1. Zopango Island ($1,690,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Lake Cocibolca, Asese Bay
  • Size: 1.98 acres, 0.8 hectares
  • Description: 65m from shore, ~7km southeast of Granada, ~39km southeast of Managua
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

An off-grid sanctuary among the Isletas de Granada – 365 small islands scattered throughout the Asese peninsula.

Located just 30 minutes by car from the city of Granada itself, this three-island archipelago spans approximately two acres and has been lovingly developed into a sustainable retreat by its long-term owner.   

Together, the three spaces feature a family home, a guest house, a traditional palapa with an outdoor kitchen, four docks, three boats, and comprehensive off-grid utilities. Furthermore, there is additional construction space for additional guest housing. 

Zopango’s natural allures include a warm climate, direct access to pristine swimming waters, and an ecosystem rich with native flora and fauna.

The sellers invite interested investors to stay on the island briefly to understand its value.

Zopango Island is listed for sale here

2. Leon Island ($1,200,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Leon Province, Rio Soledad River
  • Size: 176 acres, ~71 hectares
  • Description: 70m from shore, ~7km southeast of El Tránsito, ~51km southeast of Leon
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Premier ocean frontage on Nicaragua’s west coast.

The expansive island territory (43 acres) and its adjacent mainland acreage (133 acres) reside just one hour from the Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport – a central location granting the property additional commercial value. Here, there is scope for an investor to build homes to generate rental income or, more ambitiously, to develop a touristic resort. Both investment avenues would receive financial incentives from the Nicaraguan Ministry of Tourism. 

Further allures of the area include direct access to big game fishing waters and secluded beaches with sunset views across the Pacific Ocean.

Leon Island is listed for sale here

3. Island of Granada ($749,900)

Credit: Bolsanica via Encuentra 24

  • Location: West of Enniskillen Airport, east of Lough Erne Golf Resort, River Erne
  • Size: ~2.5 acres, ~1 hectare
  • Description: 300m from shore, ~3km east of Granada, ~35km southeast of Managua
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

This private island spans approximately 2.5 acres and serves as a comfortable family retreat in Lake Nicaragua. 

The plot is headlined by a primary residence of approximately 280 square metres – another one-bedroom apartment and additional staff quarters also reside on the island. The complex’s most upscale features include a full-size tennis court and a swimming pool. 

The property has been designed to emphasise the area’s natural wealth while also providing comprehensive, private luxury.

Island in Granada is listed for sale here

4. Guano Island ($475,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Region del Autonoma del Atlatico Sur, Caribbean Sea, Bahia de Bluefields
  • Size: 5 acres, ~2 hectares
  • Description: 5km from shore, ~16km southeast of Bluefields
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Isla de Guano, known as Iguana Island by way of its HGTV “Island Hunters” showcase, is a 5-acre property located 12 miles off the coast of Bluefields, Nicaragua.

An exemplar of Central America’s natural bounty, the island is surrounded by marine-rich waters (the Caribbean coast is renowned for its abundance of snapper, mackerel, and barracuda) and is dominated by groves of coconut palms and banana trees throughout its interior. 

Aside from its natural wealth, the property does achieve turnkey status for its included three-bedroom home. The residence is built to modern standards and with comprehensive facilities. Alongside the family home, Isla de Guano comprises a raised boardwalk, a 28-foot observation tower, and staff quarters for the island’s year-round caretakers. 

An example of why Nicaragua’s property profile is on the rise.

Isla de Guano is listed for sale here

5. Bocal Island ($360,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Region del Autonoma del Atlatico Sur, Caribbean Sea, south of Monkey Point
  • Size: 2.5 acres, ~1 hectare
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~2km southeast of Monkey Point, ~48km southeast of Bluefields
  • Ownership: Freehold

Bocal Island is a partially developed property on Nicaragua’s east coast. Set just 200 metres offshore in the Caribbean Sea, the plot is both easily accessible while also isolated from interference. 

Here, groves of mature palm trees lead down onto white sand beaches and beyond. The surrounding waters are a haven for marine life, with snapper, kingfish, and barracuda being found in large numbers – the nearby deep waters are also frequented blue marlin.

As another of Nicaragua’s turnkey islands, Bocal features a two-bedroom home, a small caretaker’s house, a luxury infinity pool with panoramic views, and a concrete dock for easy vessel transportation. 

Morning fishing trips, days spent sunbathing, afternoons watching the sunset; Bocal Island has it all.

Bocal Island is listed for sale here

6. El Paraíso Island ($280,000)

Credit: Encuentra 24

  • Location: Las Isletas de Granada, Lake Nicaragua
  • Size: ~1 acre, ~0.4 hectare
  • More information upon request

Proudly a showcase of Central American beauty, Isleta “El Paraíso” features a wealth of indigenous flora, decorative plant installations, and panoramic views of the surrounding Lake Nicaragua.

Integrated into the island’s tropical aesthetic are two bungalows, a ranch area, and a separate home for a caretaker. The two primary residences comprise three bedrooms and all other living spaces. The island, as a whole, is also serviced by a full roster of utilities – from a piped electrical system to a large water tank. 

El Paraiso is a ~one-acre property arranged to truly surrounding landscapes.

El Paraíso is listed for sale here

7. Santa Lucia Island (Price Upon Request)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Rio San Juan, Rio Indio
  • Size: 100 acres, ~40 hectares
  • Description: 100m from shore, ~1km east of Greytown, ~1km north of Aeropuerto San Juan de Nicaragua, ~115km southeast of San Carlos
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Located on the Nicaraguan border with Costa Rica, this undeveloped island offers peace and seclusion within an ecologically diverse landscape. The 100-acre plot is surrounded by the Rio Maiz National Park – a wilderness expanse rich with indigenous plants and animals, many of which cannot be seen anywhere else on the planet. 

Alongside access to the freshwater of the Rio Indio, Santa Lucia has valuable proximity to the Caribbean Sea – both excellent fishing waters. 

Future residents of the island would also benefit from convenient access to the town of San Juan de Nicaragua and its eponymous airport.

Santa Lucia is listed for sale here

8. La Cornelia Island ($90,000)

  • Location: Las Isletas de Granada, Lake Nicaragua
  • Size: ~1 acre, ~0.4 hectares
  • Description: 20m from shore, ~5km southeast of Granada, ~36km southeast of Managua
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Another island belonging to the Isletas de Granada archipelago, La Cornelia spans one acre and is dominated by palm and fruit trees.

Due to its central location, La Cornelia can serve as both a secluded retreat and a hub from which to explore the rest of the country. Its central position also means easy access to the international airport in Managua.

Though undeveloped, the property is already sourced with electricity – a great benefit for any future construction projects on the land. 

Given its manageable size, convenient location, and moderate cost, La Cornelia is an attractive investment opportunity for buyers looking to expand into the Nicaraguan market.

La Cornelia Island is listed for sale here

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