Islands for Sale in Greece

Latest listing added: February, 2023

Private Islands for Sale in Greece

Greece has over 6,000 island, 15 of which are listed publicly for sale.

Islands in Greece are usually sold as freehold properties, granting full land ownership. The alternative is a leasehold title, where rights to the island are designated for a set period. However, the nuances of island ownership in Greece extend beyond the simplicities of land titles. 

For an island’s ownership to be legitimately transferred, there is the necessity to possess all relevant certificates. Due to the subsequent involvement of many authorities, these documents can take up to 12 months to be issued.

Firstly, the process involves confirmation from the ministries of defence, environment, and culture. Greece’s Archaeological Service must also confirm the non-existence of antiquities, and the Forestry Office must conclude that the land is not classified as valuable woodland. 

Furthermore, an island sale also requires a certificate from the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Mercantile Marine to confirm the absence of national security commitments and Natura 2000 designations. 

Professional guidance is essential throughout the process.

15 Private Islands for Sale in Greece

Kato Antikeri Island (€12,500,000)

  • Location: Amorgos
  • Size: 272 acres, 110 hectares
  • Description: 7.5km from shore, 193km southeast of Athens International Airport.
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Spitogatos
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Kato Antikeri is a 272-acre island in the Cyclades group, itself a part of the Aegean archipelago. The most populated of the Cyclades is the island of Syros, located approximately 85 kilometres to the northwest. 

Kato Antikeri’s closest neighbour with established amenities is Amorgos, which can be accessed via the harbour at Katapola, just 16 kilometres to the east.

There are no developments on the island (beyond highly dilapidated huts and two wells), and its human history relates exclusively to agricultural purposes.

Information regarding the island’s potential development would require deeper inquiry.

Vouvalos Island (€10,000,000)

  • Location: Preveza, Epirus, Ambracian Gulf
  • Size: ~32 acres, ~13 hectares
  • Description: 4km from shore, 270km northwest of Athens
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: CCRE Real Estate
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Vouvalos Island sits within the Ambracian Gulf – both the largest enclosed gulf in Greece and an area designated as a national park due to its ecological significance. The inlet is also a region less travelled than most, but that fact does not diminish the resident beauty. Rather, it shows the area to be one of Greece’s hidden gems.

Vouvalos itself is an island of particular charm. Its unusual shape provides several natural harbours and beaches, ideal spaces for recreation and leisure. Meanwhile, much of the property’s interior is marked by olive groves and pine trees. A lagoon also sits at the centre of the island.

Information regarding the island’s development potential requires further inquiry.

Spalathronisi Island (€10,000,000)

  • Location: Neos Marmaras, Chalkidiki, Toronaios Gulf
  • Size: ~26 acres, ~10 hectares
  • Description: 500m from shore, 90km SE of Thessaloniki Airport, 227km north of Athens
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Development potential
  • Listed on: MYRO
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Solitude and serenity are Spalathronisi Island’s defining factors. But, this is also a property of commercial potential.

An exhibit of the surrounding landscapes, Spalthronisi delivers an alluring ensemble of natural assets. The island harbours several beaches, the best of which is a crescent of white sand that sits hidden from the mainland. Olive trees and low-standing vegetation dominate the island’s interior.

The 26.4-acre islet lies just off the Halkidiki coast in Northern Greece – an area well-removed from the crowded tourist centres of the country’s south. Still, with the nearby Thessaloniki being Greece’s second-largest city, there remains a healthy tourist industry upon which to capitalise.

Development possibilities extend to a tourist complex with a primary use area of 43,000 square feet and auxiliary space in excess of 21,000 square feet. Alternatives include two residences of 1,600 square feet or a single accommodation of 3,200 square feet. Such residential projects would allow for subsequent building zones to be created.

Spalathronisi is an island that delivers a delicate remote-yet-connected experience; moreover, a property primed for either private escape or commercial development.

Makri Island (€8,000,000)

  • Location: Ithaki, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Ionian Sea
  • Size: ~243 acres, ~98 hectares
  • Description: 4km from shore, 53km northeast of Kefalonia Airport, 226km west of Athens
  • Ownership: Leasehold (100 years)
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Grekodom
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Makri is a private island in the Ionian Sea, 30 kilometres east of Kefalonia and 60 kilometres northwest of Patras, Greece’s third-largest city. Corfu and Zakynthos are also two of the more well-known travel hubs within the surrounding area – both islands offer an array of recreation and leisure opportunities. 

The Ionian Islands are distinguished for their meandering coastlines, sandy beaches, marine-rich waters, and verdant greenery. Makri, though one of the coast’s more conspicuous islands, is an embodiment of these traits. 

The 243-acre property delivers over seven kilometres of coastline and forested peaks. However, the island’s forested state puts its potential for development into severe question. Makri’s owner once embarked on a project to parcel any buildable land on the island and construct houses to rent or sell. However, the plan was never fulfilled, and the more recent forestry assessments have created new obstacles regarding expansion. 

Makri is an island with an alluring foundation, but more clarity is needed for buyers set on development.

Vromonas Island (€6,500,000)

  • Location: Ithaki, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Ionian Sea
  • Size: 950 acres, ~384 hectares
  • Description: 8km from shore, 50km northeast of Kefalonia Airport, 239km west of Athens
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Ktimatoemporiki
  • Map: See on Google Earth

An uninhabited member of the Ionian Islands, Vromonas has a total land area of 950 acres and sits approximately eight kilometres from the mainland. The popular travel destination of Kefalonia resides roughly 30 kilometres to the west, with the island’s international airport being a further 20 kilometres by land (as the crow flies). 

Vromonas is characterised by undulating land and widespread vegetation – the island’s abundance of flora may affect its potential for development, and further research is needed to confirm its circumstances. 

What is known, however, is that the island possesses all documentation necessary for its purchase.

Additional features include some dirt roads and a small, fabricated harbour. There are no water or electrical facilities on Vromonas.

Panteleimona Island (€4,000,000)

  • Location: Inousses, Chios Strait
  • Size: 9 acres, ~3.6 hectares
  • Description: 100m from shore, 20km NE of Chios Airport Omiros, ~220km NE of Athens
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed, with further potential
  • Listed on: Ktimatoemporiki
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Archetypal island beauty, proximity to community hubs and tourist interests, and the potential for development – Panteleimona is a special property set to garner significant interest on the Greek real estate market. 

Sheltered by the island of Inousses (often also referred to as Oinousses) in the Chino Strait, Nisida Panteleimona delivers an ideal balance of connectivity and calm. The islands are separated by just over 250 metres of water, making transit between the two as simple as a short boat ride. Due to the proximity of Inousses’ main settlement (of the same name), prospective residents will have near-direct access to amenities and services. 

In its current state, the island features three small churches, each with its own unique history. An electrical generator serves the churches, and there is also a well for drinking water.

Looking forward, Panteleimona has development potential for up to 200 square metres. This declaration includes clearance from the forestry department and complete title deeds supported by all necessary documentation. 

Whether for a private residence or a small rental property, Nisida Panteleimona is primed for immediate development. Such combinations of natural assets, connectivity, and complete documentation are rare.

Nisida Kouneli Island (€4,000,000)

  • Location: Ithaki, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, Ionian Sea
  • Size: 23 acres, ~9 hectares
  • Description: 3km from shore, 54km northeast of Kefalonia Airport
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Spiti24
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Kouneli is a private island amongst the Ionian group. Its closest neighbour, Makri, is also for sale on the Greek real estate market. 

The island comprises 23 acres of sloped and level land, lengths of rocky shorelines, and an abundance of interior vegetation. Regardless of its flora coverage, the island has been cleared of all forestry restrictions. 

There are indications that some parcels of land on Kouneli can be developed, though further inquiry would be necessary. At present, the island offers no serviceable structures and there are no amenities. A prospective buyer would also likely have an interest in building a dock or small harbour to facilitate passage on and off the property.

A promising island on the more affordable end of the market.

Vrachonisida Xeronisi Island (€3,500,000)

  • Location: Aegean Islands, Kavala
  • Size: 36 acres, ~14.5 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, ~23km east of Kavala Airport
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Development potential
  • Listed on: Mercury Estate
  • Map: See on Google Earth

This well-connected private island is located just one kilometre from shore, 8.5 kilometres from the seaport city of Kavala, and approximately 120 kilometres east of Thessaloniki. Both cities offer access to international airports, though Thessaloniki (Greece’s second-largest city) transits more flights. 

The proximity of both major settlements also guarantees access to essential services and desirable amenities – a valuable asset for those in the market for a private island. 

Of the island’s total area, three hectares are designated as forestland, thus strictly prohibiting construction. However, the rest of the island’s approximately 11.5 hectares can be built upon. Much of the island’s 2.5-kilometre coastline is inaccessible, though some areas would suit development. There are also a handful of small, shallow beaches on the island’s eastern and northern sides. The interior is dominated by indigenous vegetation – wild olive trees, fruit trees, and other shrubs.

Panoramic sea views, convenient land access, and recognised build potential – this is an undeveloped island worth noting.

Thilia Island (€3,000,000)

  • Location: Lefkada, Meganisi
  • Size: 6 acres, 2.4 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, 30km south of Aktion International Airport
  • Ownership: Information upon request
  • Development: Development potential
  • Listed on: Greekblue
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Thilia is a 6-acre private island sheltered between the holiday destinations of Lefkada and Meganisi. Its position between the two landmasses ensures both a sheltered climate and easy access to amenities – the port towns of Kallithea (on Lefkada) and Spartochori (on Meganisi) are both within six kilometres by boat. Both settlements also offer ample dining and social opportunities. 

Primary features of the island include ample flat land, an abundance of lush flora, two sandy beaches, and a harbour. 

While there are no buildings on the island at present, the property has secured building rights to a sum of 400 square metres – sufficient for a lavish and spacious private residence. The distance to the nearest electrical and water supplies is 500 metres.

Stroggilo Island (€2,500,000)

  • Location: Patmos, Kalymnos, Dodecanese, Aegean Sea
  • Size: ~54 acres, ~22 hectares
  • Description: 160m from Marathi Island, 22km south of Aérodrome de Leros
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Leroshome and Vladi Private Islands
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Spanning 54 acres within the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, Stroggilo Island presents itself as an ideal sanctuary for sailors and island hoppers.

Stroggilo, or Strogylo as it is locally named, hosts generous anchorage alongside three natural beaches. These features foster curiosity as to the island’s development potential. While an old house and a well with groundwater currently sit in ruin on the property, future efforts to redevelop or expand would be subject to planning permission and approval from the relevant authorities. As such, diligent inquiries into Strogglio’s affairs would be recommended.

Notwithstanding questions of Strogglio’s commercial availability, the property is attractively proximate to other recreational landmarks. The serene beach destination of Marathi is a short boat journey away and offers access to a selection of tavernas.

St. Athanasios Island (€2,200,000)

  • Location: Itea, Delphi, Fokida, Corinthian Gulf
  • Size: ~2.6 acres, ~1.1 hectares
  • Description: 1km from shore, 92km northeast of Araxos Airport, 124km west of Athens
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Development potential
  • Listed on: Vladi Private Islands
  • Map: See on Google Earth

St. Athanasios is the smallest island in the Greek market. But, its manageable size, flat land, and picturesque location provide ideal conditions for private residential development.

The island lies just one kilometre from the shore and can be reached by boat from the nearby coastal town of Itea. Olive and pine trees inundate St. Athanasios’ interior, while a small sandy beach marks the northwestern coast.

Though, perhaps the island’s greatest asset is its unrestricted freehold title. The property also boasts an indispensable ensemble of supporting documents from all relevant public authorities. Lastly, for investors with an eye towards development, St. Athanasios is free of Natura 2000 area restrictions.

As such, there is scope for the construction of a private residence.

St. Athanasios’ profile and potential surpasses its modest size.

Tragonisi Island (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: Aegina, Diapori Islands, Attica, Saronic Gulf
  • Size: ~90 acres, ~36 hectares
  • Description: 5.5km from shore, 46km west of Athens (45-minutes by water taxi)
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Development potential
  • Listed on: Greekblue
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Adjacent to St. Thomas Island (Agios Thomas), Tragonisi belongs to the Diapori Chain in the Saronic Gulf. 

Though under one-third of its neighbour’s size, Tragonisi still spans an impressive 90 acres. This expanse comprises flat topography, sparse tree growth, and a beach. With the addition of its man-made harbour, the property also offers mooring space and subsequent access to the azure waters of the Grecian coast.

The property is currently subdivided into three zones. The first, which accounts for 192,321 square metres, is characterised as forestland. The second and third segments (14,173 square metres and 8,835 square metres, respectively) are seafront zones that can be built upon immediately. There is currently also no utility infrastructure – water, electricity, or communications systems – on the island.

As a member of the Diapori Chain, Athens is just 45 minutes from Tragonisi by water taxi. The historical city of Corinth resides even closer – just 20 minutes across the Saronic Gulf by boat.

Tragonisi’s access to Athens, buildable topography, and proximity to coastal landmarks make it an ideal space for residential or commercial developments.

Aspronisi Island (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: Santorini, Cyclades, Aegean Sea
  • Size: ~34 acres, ~13.8 hectares
  • Description: 2km from Santorini, 11km west of Santorini Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Greekblue
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Affectionately referred to as a miniature of Santorini, Aspronisi Island offers what its famous neighbour cannot: complete ownership and uninterrupted privacy. 

Here, enjoy all the benefits of Santorini – world-class dining, panoramic caldera views, Cycladic history, South Aegean sailing, access to transport links, and valuable amenities – without compromising personal space and solitude. The 34-acre island also has a natural harbour and two beaches. 

On sale in its undeveloped state, Aspronisi lacks roads, a water network, electricity, and communications infrastructure. Though, with the correct certifications and approvals, utilities could be diverted from its well-developed neighbour.

The property sits just two kilometres from the larger Santorini and has untapped development potential – approval and paperwork permitting.

Petalas Island/Dulichium Island (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: Echinades, Ionian Sea
  • Size: 1335 acres, 540 hectares
  • Description: 630m from shore, 233km west of Athens
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Real Estate Kefalonia
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Petalas Island, also listed under Dulichium Island, is the largest of the Echinades – an archipelago found in the Ionian Sea. Here, winding coastlines facilitate sailing adventures, and turquoise waters harbour an abundance of marine life. 

Dulichium’s foremost feature is its impressive size, spanning a staggering 1335 acres and rising to a high point of 250 metres above sea level. A property of such size poses the question of development. 

Fortunately for keen developers, 5,100,000 square metres of the island’s total 5,400,000 have been declassified by the Greek Forestry Bureau. This designation opens the door to future construction. Furthermore, there is an existing precedent for the land to be parcelled into 10,000-square-metre lots, with each featuring a 130-square-metre home. Though, any genuine interest in the future development of Petalas Island would have to be properly reviewed.

Currently, the property has no roads and no utility infrastructure. There are, however, several sandy beaches, small bays, and natural harbours.

Ano Antikeri (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: Amorgos
  • Size: 261 acres, ~106 hectares
  • Description: 7km from shore, 194km southeast of Athens Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed (non-forest)
  • Listed on: REG Real Estate
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Neighbour to Kato Antikeri, Ano Antikeri is also a member of the Cyclades group – a ~220-metre channel of water divides the two islands.

Due to its adjacent position, Ano Antikeri enjoys similar proximity to the established community on Amorgos as Kato. The populated island can be reached via a short boat journey, making shopping and dining very viable. Significant amenities can also be found in the port city of Naxos, less than 40 kilometres to the northwest. 

Ano Antikeri itself is an undeveloped property spanning in excess of 260 acres. The landscape is mainly flat and marked by sporadic growth of native vegetation. A singular beach and a man-made harbour grant access in and out of the water – the former being a representation of the island’s recreational offerings. 

Of great promise for an investor, Ano Antikeri was classified as non-forest and has clear title deeds. The last transfer of ownership took place in 1992.

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