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Halvøya Island, From Mainland

The glacial history of Norway has led the country’s waters, both inland and coastal, to be inundated with isolated pockets of land. By Norway’s own definition, over ~239,000 islands populate the Nordic territory – this number includes any land mass that covers an area of 10-square-meters at high tide. Alternative sources credit Norway with having roughly 50,000 islands within its seas and fjords. Regardless, only an estimated 2000 of these islands are inhabited.

Norway is a country of many climates – a fact owed to its the latitudinal length. Generally speaking, though, due to the presence of the Gulf Stream, Norway enjoys a far milder climate than other nations of a similar latitude. Still, northern regions of the country, particularly those inland, can experience harsh temperatures during the winter. The valleys in Norway’s south-eastern regions are the warmest year-round.

Islands in Norway are commonly sold as freehold investments – granting full ownership to the purchaser. The alternative is for islands to be sold as leasehold – ownership is contracted for a number of years, and can be renewed. Leasehold sales are infrequent.

We’ve scouted 8 private islands on the Norwegian market. The most affordable island on offer has a valuation of €160,000, while the most expensive holds a €5,000,000 price tag. Acreage of said islands ranges from 0.43 acres to 86 acres.

There are few restrictions on foreigners buying Norwegian islands, and both individuals and corporations are entitled to own real estate. The market, however, is highly competitive and so interest in property should be registered with haste.

8 Private Islands for Sale in Norway

Engelsøy Island (€5,000,000)

  • Location: SE of Moysalen National Park, Vega, Northern Norway
  • Size: 64 acres, 26 hectares
  • Description: 3km (5 min by boat) from Skarstad Port, 25km from Evenes Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listed on: Vladi Private Islands
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Engelsøy Island is a gateway to some of Norway’s greatest natural wonders. To the northwest sits the Møysalen National Park, a glacial landscape largely undisturbed by human activity. Then, to the west are the Lofoten Islands, a mecca for outdoor adventure activities – hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing, and Arctic surfing.

But Engelsøy’s worth does not just come from its proximity to these renowned landscapes – it’s a property that has earned recognition through its natural bounty. Formerly a bird sanctuary, Engelsøy has long been home to sea eagles, hunting falcons and a variety of indigenous wildfowl. Sea otters and moose have also been known to take up residence on the island.

Save for a small watch lodge, the island is without development.

Between proximity to Norway’s finest landscapes and its indigenous fauna, Engelsøy Island is nothing short of a nature lover’s dream.

Lille Saltskjærholmen Island (SOLD)

  • Location: Kragerø Skjærgårdsrute, Southern Norway
  • Size: 1.46 acres, 0.6 hectares
  • Description: 4.5km (10 minutes by speedboat) from Sjøbua Marina, 181km S of Oslo, 228km (3 hours by car) from Oslo Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Finn
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Lille Saltskjærholmen is a 1.46-acre private island near the town of Kragerø in Eksefjorden. The property provides peace, privacy, and panoramic views of the surrounding island landscape.

Primed for immediate residency, the small island features a three-bedroom A-frame cabin built in 1956. Though the accommodation has stood for several decades, it remains in very good condition. The home and its adjoining jetty provide the perfect setting for relaxation and leisure – residents can swim during the summer, explore the island’s rocky outcrops, and sail the Kragerø Archipelago.

Lille Saltskjærholmen’s manageable size, existing accommodation, and relative proximity to Oslo (three hours by car) make it a very competitive investment property.

Vasskjær 1 Island (SOLD)

  • Location: Flekkerøy, Kristiansand, Southern Norway
  • Size: 0.78 acres, 0.3 hectares
  • Description: 4.5km (10 minutes by speedboat) from Sjøbua Marina, 181km S of Oslo, 228km (3 hours by car) from Oslo Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Finn
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Vasskjær presents a special opportunity to own a private island in the Kristiansand area of Southern Norway.

Spanning 0.78 acres, Vasskjær Island is one of the most manageable in size on the Norwegian market. The property also comes with further perks – not only does the island feature a renovated, three-bedroom cabin complete with living room and kitchen-dining space, but it also has a dockside guest cabin with additional sleeping space. Both buildings have southwest-facing terraces that make for ideal sunset viewing.

Vasskjær is a stunning private island offering immediate access to Norway’s southern waters while remaining well-connected to the mainland – an impressive investment property.

Stompeholmen Island (SOLD)

  • Location: Kristiansand, Southern Norway
  • Size: 2.68 acres, 1 hectares
  • Description: 1km (5 minutes by speedboat) from Krageviga pier, 38km (40 minutes by car) from Kristiansand Airport, 344km S of Oslo
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Finn
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Stompeholmen is an impressive private island oasis in the Kristiansand area of Southern Norway. 

The 2.68-acre property boasts a stunning combination of rugged coastline, verdant flora, and cosy accommodations. 

Firstly, Stompeholmen’s shores facilitate year-round recreation and leisure – residents can explore the surrounding waters by boat, swim during the summer, and fish. 

Given its rocky nature, the island is also surprisingly vibrant. Endemic trees, grasses, and heather are plentiful across the property. 

Lastly, the island’s developments make it ideal for immediate enjoyment. The three-bedroom cabin, built in 1965 but since renovated, offers a perfect blend of simplicity and comfort. The residence’s highlights include a family living room with direct access to an outdoor terrace. Stompeholmen also boasts another furnished building, albeit smaller in size. 

This is a well-connected property sure to generate significant interest.

Øyni Island (SOLD)

  • Location: Ustevatn, Ustaoset, Østlandet
  • Size: 7.6 acres, 3 hectares
  • Description: 500m (3 minutes by speedboat) from Ustaosvegen, 231km W of Oslo, 240km (3:30 hours by car) from Oslo Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Finn
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Øyni is an inland private island located within Lake Ustevatn, a large body of water proximate to the resort town of Geilo. Though, during heavy snow in the wintertime, the lake is indistinguishable from its surrounding landscapes. 

Spanning 7.6 acres, the property features six usable buildings alongside ample space for outdoor recreation and leisure.

Specifically, Øyni’s auxiliary buildings comprise a boathouse; a living room annexe; a second annexe serving as a bedroom; and a third annexe complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and sauna.

The island’s two primary cabins feature complete living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other utility areas. There are nine bedrooms in total across all buildings.

Stathelle Island (SOLD)

  • Location: Åbyfjorden, Stathelle
  • Size: 0.43 acres, 0.17 hectares
  • Description: 250m (2 minutes by speedboat) from Vinjestranda, 170km S of Oslo, 217km (2:40 hours by car) from Oslo Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listed on: Finn
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Stathelle Island is an idyllic private property among the Åbyfjorden, a waterway flowing into the Skagerrak Strait.

The island delivers an enviable combination of sheltered archipelago exploration, ocean access, panoramic vistas, rugged topography, smatterings of endemic flora, and an existing holiday cabin. 

While Stathelle’s cabin was built in the 1930s and requires minor upgrades, the foundation for private leisure has been set – a valuable feature for investors seeking immediate enjoyment. The residence features two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a southeast-facing terrace. 

The island’s jetty provides sufficient mooring space, and parking on the nearby mainland is also included.

Litjeholmen Island (€225,000)

  • Location: Senja Kommune, Rossfjordvatnet
  • Size: 4 acres, 1.7 hectares
  • Description: 70m from shore, 8km NE of Finnsnes, 50km SW of Tromsø Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Partially Developed (Cabin)
  • Listed on: Finn
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Nestled in the heart of the Norwegian countryside, Litjeholmen is just a short distance from the charming town of Finnsnes and conveniently located near the bustling city of Tromsø and its airport. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, this island is the ideal location for those looking to reconnect with nature and escape from the stresses of modern life

The island offers the perfect environment for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, boating and swimming. The surrounding Rossfjordvatnet provides a stunning backdrop for a picnic by the water or simply lounging on the sandy beaches. With its friendly community and breathtaking beauty, this island is a place you’ll never get tired of.

Almendingsbrørn Island (€160,000)

  • Location: Brasøy, Herøy, Nordland
  • Size: 86.5 acres, 35 hectares
  • Description: 1.70km from Husvær and Brasøy, 674km N of Oslo
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Partially Developed (Cabin)
  • Listed on: Rede Eiendom
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Almendingsbrørn’s story is one of farming. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the island became the epicentre of a burgeoning agriculture and fishing business. Come the 21st century, Almendingsbrørn is no longer used and occupied. However, the value of the land remains.

The ~86-acre island stands as the largest private island on the Norwegian market – most of said acreage is covered by miscellaneous, low vegetation. Almendingsbrørn’s flat nature further adds to the island’s agricultural appeal.

In accordance with Herøy municipality rules, any desired development on the island requires a successful application. Do note, well-founded applications hold a higher chance of approval.

Almendingsbrørn’s closest settlements can be found on the neighbouring Husvær and Brasøy island peninsulas.

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