Islands for Sale in Canada

Updated: September 22, 2022.

Islands in Canada for Sale
Credit: Islands in Canada | Dreamstime

Being the second largest country in the world and having its longest coastline – measuring over 243,000 kilometres – it comes as little surprise that Canada harbours an impressive number of inland and coastal islands. However, of the 52,000, only 18 are currently listed on the private market.

These islands are located throughout the various regions of Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. The cheapest island commands a price tag of $169,000. On the other end of the spectrum, Turnagain Island in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, is valued at $15,000,000. The smallest is Île Fraser in the St Lawrence River, Quebec, at just 1,701 square metres, whereas the largest is Batchawana Island in Lake Superior, Ontario, at 21,043,653 square metres.

All islands currently for sale in Canada are being offered as freehold properties – an ownership designation that grants the buyer sole possession of the property in question.

Canada’s size causes its climate to vary considerably from region to region. For the warmest temperatures year-round, the best islands are those near Vancouver. Islands located throughout Quebec, by comparison, will experience far more bracing weather.

18 Private Islands for Sale in Canada

Canadian Private Islands in Numbers
Private islands for sale: 18
Median island size: ~26,000 square metres (6.4 acres)
Median island price: ~$1,399,900 CAD
Median island square meter price: ~$70 CAD
Last updated: September 2022

1. Sawdust Island (SOLD)


  • Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario
  • Size: ~1.2 acres, ~0.45 hectares
  • Description: 120m from shore, 130km north of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Spanning just over one acre, Sawdust Island is the epitome of a small, off-grid retreat.

The island’s cottage is powered by an efficient set of solar panels and backup batteries, whilst also being heated by a pair of wall-mounted propane furnaces. Sawdust also offers space beyond the established residence to grow vegetables – another step towards complete self-sufficiency. The existence of a treehouse is an additional allure for investors with young children.

Aside from its headline accommodation, the island is characterised by its rocky shoreline and bounty of trees.

Being only 250 metres from the shore, and 1.3 kilometres from the town of Port Severn, connection with amenities is fast and convenient.

A final point of intrigue: purchase of the island includes a mainland property on one of the nearby roads. There, investors will enjoy good road access, parking, and boat storage.

A comprehensive, and highly manageable private island.

Sawdust Island is listed for sale here.

2. Batchawana Island ($6,850,000 USD)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Batchawana Bay, Lake Superior, Ontario
  • Size: ~5200 acres, ~2100 hectares
  • Description: 450m from shore, 40km north of Sault Ste. Marie, 530km northwest of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Situated in Lake Superior, the largest of Canada’s Great Lakes, Batchawana is a rare opportunity for investors interested in owning a private island. Spanning over 5,000 acres, the body of land boasts more than 20 miles of coastline – including six miles of beach. Simply put: this is privacy, nature, and tranquillity on a vast scale.

The word “Batchawana” originates from the Ojibwe word Badjiwanung, which means “water that bubbles up”. No fear though – waves here rarely surpass the three feet mark.

A haven for nature enthusiasts, the island exists as a direct reflection of Canada’s splendour – woodcocks, bears, and moose roam Batchawana’s interior woodlands, along with a further abundance of other endemic wildlife. The surrounding lake is also a world-class freshwater fishing location, with salmon, sturgeon, pickerel, rainbow trout, pike, bass, perch, and whitefish all being resident within its waters.

In preservation of its natural wealth, the island has forgone development – though, an investor would have scope to construct a residential compound.

Nature and activities abound; Batchawana Island is a standout on the market.

Batchawana Island is listed for sale here

3. Norway Island (SOLD)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Gulf Islands, British Columbia
  • Size: ~30 acres, ~12 hectares
  • Description: 35km from shore, 50km southwest of Vancouver
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands have made a name for themselves as a yachting paradise – the archipelago provides an abundance of boating lanes and coastline to explore. 

Nestled between the islands of Thetis and Galiano, Norway Island stands as a 30-acre parcel of land largely protected from inclement weather. This combination of prime locale and natural defences makes for an ideal private retreat.

Norway Island’s ecosystem is diverse, with an array of wildlife enjoying residence throughout its habitats. Some of the island’s most notable visitors include bald eagles, who use the woodland canopy when hunting. Orca, sea lions, salmon, and crab also frequent the surrounding waters.

The island’s portfolio of amenities and infrastructure comprises a submarine power line, a 60-foot dock, five drilled wells, three residences requiring renovation, a tennis court-cum-helipad, and an outdoor pool.

Norway Island is listed for sale here

4. Table Rock Island (SOLD)


  • Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario
  • Size: ~1 acre, ~0.4 hectares
  • Description: 3km from shore, 217km north of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Part of a spectacular archipelago to the west of Go Home Bay, Tabel Rock is another Canadian island that exists completely off the power grid. Instead, the island’s lone home runs entirely via solar panels and a backup gas generator – though, superb cell phone reception and fast WIFI services do keep the property connected to the world beyond its shores when needed.

The dwelling itself spans a 260-square-metre, circular floorplan and comprises eight bedrooms – a bespoke design inspired by the architect’s profound appreciation for the surrounding natural environment. An open-air courtyard sits at the heart of the residence, with each of the rooms radiating out from this central point.

Simply put, Table Rock Island is a compact, private wilderness awaiting investment.

Table Rock Island is listed for sale here

5. 2 Island 3190 ($2,295,000 CAD)

Credit: Royal LePage

  • Location: Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay, Ontario
  • Size: ~7 acres, ~3 hectares
  • Description: 1.1km from Madawaska Club Community Dock, 155km north of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Situated in the middle of Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay, this beautiful 6.88-acre, turnkey island is being sold together with a neighbouring picnic island – the latter being just a short swim away.

Significant development already exists on the main island – primarily a pair of sleeping cabins and a separate living space. Five bedrooms span these accommodations, and the central cottage boasts a granite fireplace and kitchen.

Transit on and off the island is made possible by a steel tube dock in the island’s deepwater harbour. The island is also conveniently located just 15 minutes by boat from King Bay or 25 minutes from Honey Harbour.

Four sand beaches headline the island’s natural features, though its resident woodland also stands to impress.

2 Island 3190 is listed for sale here

6. 2 Island 3620 ($1,999,000 CAD)

Credit: Royal LePage

  • Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario
  • Size: ~3.7 acres, ~1.5 hectares
  • Description: 7.2km from Madawaska Club Community Dock, 156km north of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

This 3.7-acre island in Georgian Bay is ideal for a summer getaway; with its 360-degree views, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, superb fishing opportunities, and clear blue waters. Powered by eight solar panels and a backup generator, this island functions off the power grid, making it ideal for those seeking self-sufficiency. There is also a submersible 3/4 horsepower 240 VDC water pump and a propane heater for on-demand hot water.

With its new dock, installed in 2018, residents can easily set sail from the island and explore the surrounding waters.

A private haven for days spent away from the bustle of everyday life.

2 Island 3620 is listed for sale here

7. Chads Island ($2,975,000 CAD)

Credit: Colliers

  • Location: Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia
  • Size: ~7.8 acres, ~3 hectares
  • Description: 34km from shore, 64km south of Vancouver
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Located at the heart of the Gulf Island National Park, Chads Island constitutes a rare opportunity to purchase an island of both prime location and incredible visual beauty. Here, expect eight acres of white shell beaches, native forestland, and grass pastures.

Only 10 minutes by boat from Canoe Cove and directly adjacent to the Princess Margaret Marine Park, Chads Island’s natural wealth extends far beyond its own shores.

Whether a place to settle a family or a parcel of land to protect and preserve, few islands match Chads’ sales profile. 

The Southern Gulf archipelago awaits.

Chads Island is listed for sale here

8. 31 Moss Island (SOLD)

Credit: Sotherby’s International Realty

  • Location: Lake Rosseau, Seguin, Ontario
  • Size: ~3 acres, ~1.2 hectares
  • Description: 268m from shore, 177km north of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Fronted by its 1,550 feet of private shoreline and access to breathtaking sunsets, Moss Island immediately presents an enticing investment opportunity on Lake Rosseau.   

Just a short distance from shore and with a private mainland dock conveniently located within the Rosseau harbour, escaping to this island is also quick and convenient.

Though, the island’s turnkey cottage may just be its magnum opus. The emerald green cottage, nestled amongst the trees in the middle of the island, makes for an ideal sanctuary. Its four large bedrooms and three baths can accommodate a large family, and the fully-fitted double kitchen caters to all dining needs.

Overall, Moss Island markets as a comprehensive package – from ready-made home comfort, to outdoor adventure and exploration.

31 Moss Island is listed for sale here

9. Cow & Calf Islands ($940,000 CAD)

Credit: Point2 Homes

  • Location: Cape Breton Island, Bras d’Or Lake, Nova Scotia
  • Size: ~57 acres, ~23 hectares
  • Description: 1.1km from shore, 236km northeast of Halifax
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

This listing comprises four islands totalling ~60 acres of land and four kilometres of shoreline. The islands in question are located within Lake Bras d’Or, the world’s largest inland body of water – giving investors a sheltered expanse of water to explore by boat.

Golfing fans may also find the islands to be of particular interest due to the proximity of the Dundee Resort and Golf Club. The nearby Marble Mountain landmark is also worth noting.  

Whether for a private fishing lodge, a commercial summer camp, or a family hideaway, these islands present a prime investment opportunity.

Cow & Calf islands are listed for sale here

10. Calf Island ($169,000 CAD)

Credit: Royal LePage

  • Location: Mitchell Bay, Nova Scotia
  • Size: ~26 acres / ~10.5 hectares / ~105,000 square metres
  • Description: 460m from shore, 112km east of Halifax
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Not to be confused with the Cow and Calf Islands mentioned above, this Calf Island resides some 131 kilometres away in Mitchell Bay, Nova Scotia.

Roughly 26 acres in size, the body of land is long and narrow, making it ideal for those wanting to remain close to the water’s edge at all times. Calf’s nearly two-and-a-half kilometres of water frontage also provide space for quiet boat rides and bracing wild swimming.

Some say that this area of the Atlantic Ocean is so calm it feels like a lake. And better still, the presence of the gulf stream means that the overall climate stays relatively mild.

No prior development or infrastructure exists on the island. But, with Sheet Habour only 25 minutes away, access to civilisation and amenities remains easy and convenient.

Calf Island is listed for sale here

11. Dunsmuir Island ($1,900,000 CAD)

Credit: Royal LePage

  • Location: Ladysmith Harbour, British Columbia
  • Size: ~ 4.75 acres, ~1.9 hectares
  • Description: 173m from shore, 1.5km east of Ladysmith, 59km southwest of Vancouver
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

This 4.75-acre island is situated just two minutes from Ladysmith and is primed for development. The current owner obtained approval for building a home, a guest cottage, and a dock. However, their plans have since changed, allowing the island’s soon-to-be occupiers to influence the property according to their own aspirations. Reissuing of the prior construction permits can also be arranged.

Aside from a part-completed septic system and rough inland road, the island is primarily dominated by thick woodland and native brush – a rich landscape within which to develop a home. Several areas of the island also allow easy access to and from the water.

A generous parcel of Canadian natural beauty, this island will certainly generate some interest.

Dunsmuir Island is listed for sale here

12. Circle Island ($750,000 CAD)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Sabine Channel, British Columbia
  • Size: ~9.5 acres, ~3.8 hectares
  • Description: 16km from Secret Cove Marina, 80km northwest of Vancouver
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Situated within the south entrance of the Sabine Channel, this 9.5-acre island neighbours other, larger bodies of land, such as Bull Island, Jedediah Island, Lasqueti Island, and Texada Island. However, only three of the islands in this area are private, with the others remaining as provincial parks.

Circle Island is a magnet for wildlife – a variety of animals inhabit the island’s rocky shoreline and surrounding waters, including dolphins, whales, seals, sea lions, mink, and river otters. In addition to its resident fauna, the island serves as a natural rock garden, containing several rare species of trees and plants – an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts.

Logistically, the island’s east side has low bank access to the water, whilst the west flack has potential as a protected dock location. Circle Island also profiles well for renewable energy production due to its solar and wind exposure.

Here, serenity and wildlife exist in abundance.

Circle Island is listed for sale here

13. Gillis Island (SOLD)


  • Location: Prince Edward Island, Pinette River
  • Size: ~11 acres, ~4.4 hectares
  • Description: 10 minute paddle to the island, 30 minute drive to Charlottetown, 2km west of Belfast
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

One for the canoeing and kayaking fans.

Gillis Island is located near the estuary of the Pinette River – a waterway that runs through the southern point of Prince Edward Island. Given its convenient location, Gillis can be reached via a short, 10-minute paddle. For existing nearby residents, the island could subsequently function as a weekend camping trip locale, a secluded space for day trips, or simply a private nature reserve.

Much of the island is dominated by mixed forestland, save for a 200-foot stretch of red sand shore.

Largely untouched, this island remains a small parcel of Canadian wilderness.

Gillis Island is listed for sale here

14. 200 Île Fraser Island (SOLD)


  • Location: St Lawrence River, Québec
  • Size: ~0.4 acres, ~0.17 hectares
  • Description: 200m from shore, 87km southwest of Montreal
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Located hundreds of kilometres inland within the shallow waters of the St. Lawrence River, this tiny 0.4-acre island is ideal for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. Though, be aware of unknowing trips into the United States, as the international border intersects the St. Lawrence about 18 kilometres downriver.

Fraser Island is also just minutes away from the popular summer boating hotspot of Salaberry-de-Valley. Nearby restaurants and nightlife spots are highly accessible too.

The island’s house, built in 1898, has a 2000-square-foot floor space and remains in its original heritage state.

Think of it as both a private island and a river-based gateway to the surrounding landscapes.

Île Fraser Island is listed for sale here

15. Île Rupert Island ($898,000 CAD)

Credit: Royal LePage

  • Location: Lake Ouareau, Saint-Donat, Québec
  • Size: ~4.8 acres, ~1.9 hectares
  • Description: 880m from shore, 98km northwest of Montreal
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Situated within Québec’s Ouareau Lake, this 4.8-acre parcel of Canadian paradise is primed as a private island retreat.

Logistically, being just 5.8 kilometres from Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, this lake island is the perfect combination of connected isolation.

During the summer months, residents can take in the surrounding scenery from one of two private beaches. Wildlife exists here in abundance too. Deer sightings are common, and the surrounding waters are rich in yellow perch and lake trout.

Previous ownership of the island oversaw the construction of an off-grid home – solar energy provides electricity whilst the stove and hot water are fuelled by propane gas supplies. Fully furnished and comprising two bedrooms, the island lends itself to small families and groups wanting to share in a secluded retreat.

Off-grid, wilderness serenity awaits.

Île Rupert Island is listed for sale here

16. Richardson Island (SOLD)


  • Location: Lake Nipissing, Ontario
  • Size: ~6 acres, ~2.4 hectares
  • Description: 2.8km from Hunters Bay Marine, 273km north of Toronto
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Situated at the southern end of Ontario’s Lake Nipissing, as part of an archipelago of islands, the 6-acre Richardson Island presents an intriguing personal or business opportunity.

As is, a selection of accommodations and aged log cabins reside on Richardson Island, setting a precedent for either a sprawling family retreat or a lucrative rental complex. However, due to their condition, some buildings would arguably require renovation.

Regardless, as a serene hideaway that is only a 10-minute boat ride away from the local marina, Richardson Island proves itself to be a hidden gem. With breathtaking views, plenty of level land, and beach areas for any amount of activities, the possibilities for the island are significant.

An open-ended investment opportunity.

Richardson Island is listed for sale here

17. Turnagain Island ($15,000,000 CAD)

Credit: Royal LePage

  • Location: Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia
  • Size: ~95 acres, ~38 hectares
  • Description: 300m from Secret Cove hub, 67km northwest of Vancouver
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Arguably the Canadian market’s premier island.

This magnificent island in British Columbia’s Secret Cove has remained under the ownership of a single family for more than 60 years – proof that opportunities to purchase properties of such cachet are rare.

With its first time on the open market, Turnagain Island sets a precedent for private island luxury – both natural and developed. 

The island is the epitome of Canadian beauty. Here, ~95 acres of prime forestland, coast, and inland pastures support a diverse ecosystem of plants, birds, and other wildlife. And it’s this natural haven that subsequently serves as a gateway to the surrounding wilderness.

Yet, Turnagain testifies that modern luxury can coexist with rugged landscapes. The island comprises two spacious homes – an upscale, custom build and an older cottage. Both residences harbour four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Additional installations on the island include a large dock, a network of trails, hydropower, a water reservoir, municipal utilities, garages, and a backup generator. 

The sale package also includes a mainland lot with parking and boat storage facilities.

Turnagain Island’s legacy is ready to be continued.

Turnagain Island is listed for sale here

18. Whitestone Island ($6,500,000 CAD)

Credit: Sotheby’s International Realty

  • Location: Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
  • Size: ~6 acres / ~2.4 hectares
  • Description: 650m from shore, 77km northwest of Vancouver
  • Ownership: Full ownership / Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

This 6-acre island, located in British Columbia’s Georgia Strait, provides an alluring combination of peaceful isolation and modern amenities. Not only does the property come with municipal power and water supplies, but its private dock can be reached by seaplane from Vancouver in only 30 minutes.

Whitestone’s newly-constructed residence continues the island’s upward trajectory. The space comprises four bedrooms and 270-degree views of the surrounding landscapes.

Yet, infrastructure and developments are far from the island’s only boon. Very much still a parcel of natural splendour, the island hosts an abundance of wildlife – from sea otters to numbers of ocean birds and a pair of bald eagles.

Whitestone Island is listed for sale here

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