Islands for Sale in the British Virgin Islands

Updated: January, 2023

Credit: British Virgin Islands | Unsplash

The British Overseas Territory is internationally recognised for its Caribbean climate, paradisiacal beaches, crystalline shores, first-rate dive sites, and world-class sailing waters. 

The archipelago comprises approximately 60 islands, though less than half of them are inhabited. 

Most private islands are sold as freehold investments – granting full ownership to the purchaser. Some, less commonly, are sold as leasehold – ownership is contracted for a number of years and can be renewed.

Subtropical and hot throughout the year, the British Virgin Islands’ climate continues to be one of its greatest allures. The average daily temperature between December and March is 26℃, with this increasing to 29℃ between the months of May and October. Though the territory observes a wet season, rainfall levels remain mostly modest – September to November tends to be the wettest period.

Catapulted onto the global stage after Richard Branson purchased Necker Island – now an esteemed holiday destination for high-net-worth individuals – the British Virgin Islands has seen an exponential increase in demand for its land.

5 Private Islands for Sale in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands: Private Islands in Numbers (Of Known)
Private islands for sale: 5
Average island size: 79 acres (320,000 SQM)
Average island price: $6,850,000 USD
Average island square meter price: ~$33 USD
Last updated: January, 2023

1. Grand Scrub Island ($35,000,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Lesser Antilles
  • Size: 170 acres, ~68.8 hectares
  • Description: 2km from shore, ~5km northeast of Parham Town, ~10km northeast of Road Town
  • Ownership: Freehold
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Named some decades ago for it being nothing more than an expanse of undeveloped scrub, Great Scrub Island has since been revitalised by its landowners and is now primed as one of the most remarkable investment opportunities on the real estate market. 

An echo of Richard Branson’s development plan for Moskito Island, Grand Scrub is an expansive property belonging to the British Virgin Islands archipelago that has been divided into individual plots of private ownership and development.

The 170-acre island was strategically fractioned to create upwards of 100 small-scale lots. However, this listing stands as an opportunity to purchase the island in its entirety – a remarkable investment opportunity that can be heavily capitalised upon. The island’s current owners oversaw the implementation of substantial infrastructure – power cabling, a full-service marina, restaurants, bars, and accommodations – all of which stand to be inherited by future ownership.

A rare and exciting opportunity.

Grand Scrub Island is listed for sale here

2. Moskito Island Parcel ($24,000,000)

Credit: Coldwell Banker

  • Location: Virgin Gorda
  • Size: 3 acres, 1.2 hectares
  • Description: 200m from shore, ~6km northeast of Spanish Town, ~23km northeast of Road Town
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

One of the exclusive Moskito Island estates, this lot commands a prime position overlooking much of the surrounding land – the three-acre space sits comfortably 200 feet above sea level and offers some of the best panoramic views of any plot on the island. 

As with the other plots on Richard Branson’s prized development, Lot 5 has been demarcated with premier accommodation in mind. Here, investors have an opportunity to design and build a dynamic residence complete with access to world-class amenities. In fact, the purchase of the property includes an architectural concept devised by an esteemed draughtsman. 

Simply put, Moskito Island’s Lot 5 is a gateway to life in one of the most exclusive island communities in the world. Prepare for Caribbean beaches, marine-rich waters, lush forestlands, and abundant sunshine.

Lot 5, Moskito Island is listed for sale here

3. Lime Tree Bay, Moskito Island ($22,500,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Virgin Gorda
  • Size: 3 acres, 1.2 hectares
  • Description: 200m from shore, ~6km northeast of Spanish Town, ~23km northeast of Road Town
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

A luxury destination born from Richard Branson’s passion for tropical development, Moskito Island is a 125-acre paradise that houses one of the most exclusive communities in the world. The island, complete with communal facilities (swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor sports centres, spas, and fine-dining restaurants, comprises nine plots of land demarcated for private ownership. 

Lime Tree Bay, also known as Lot 8, holds a premier position on the island, with direct ocean frontage and access to the bay’s white sand beach. Two stone houses currently stand on the three-acre plot, though significant space has been cleared above the cottages for more large-scale development. As is, both residences comprise kitchens, communal living spaces, and lounging decks – there are three bedrooms between the two. 

Exclusive island living awaits.

Lime Tree Bay, Moskito Island is listed for sale here

4. Cooper Bay Island Parcel ($7,500,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Tortola
  • Size: 64.4 acres, 26 hectares
  • Description: ~2km north of Road Town
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • See on Google Earth

Cooper Bay: prime waterfront real estate in one of the territory’s most competitive locations.

The 64-acre plot of undeveloped land is located just two kilometres from the British Virgin Islands’ capital, Road Town. This position is not only attractive to investors seeking to develop a well-connected private retreat on the land, but also to ambitious entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on the island’s burgeoning tourist sector. 

Approximately ten acres of the plot is beachfront land, with the remainder comprising forest hills rich with flora and fauna.

Cooper Bay Land Parcel is listed for sale here

5. Nail Bay Island Parcel ($6,200,000)

Credit: Private Islands Online

  • Location: Virgin Gorda
  • Size: 60 acres, 24.2 hectares
  • Description: ~1km to Gorda National Park, ~5km north of Spanish Town, ~23km northeast of Road Town
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • See on Google Earth

Formerly a sugar plantation, this parcel of land in Nail Bay combines a distinct heritage with contemporary oceanfront views – a premier property on one of the British Virgin Islands’ most sought-after destinations. 

The 60-acre expanse serves as an exemplar of Caribbean appeal: vegetation-rich slopes overlook both a sheltered beach and cerulean shallows. The waters within, and adjacent to, Nail Bay are recognised for their array of tropical fish and diving interests. 

Investors interested in the natural world will be further intrigued by Nail Bay’s proximity to the Gorda Peak National Park – a forested summit abundant with walking trails and indigenous wildlife. 

The land in Nail Bay provides a prime opportunity for private or commercial development.

Nail Bay Land Parcel is listed for sale here

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