Islands for Sale in Africa

Latest listing added: March, 2023

Due to the rarity of available private islands, this article deals with the African continent rather than individual countries.

Of the four islands currently available, two are located in the Indian Ocean, one in Uganda, and one in Zambia – the latter two properties are recursive islands found within inland lakes. 

Whether buying freehold or leasehold – both land titles are present on the private island market – an investor should seek professional guidance due to the variance between purchasing processes in each country. However, the premise of each title remains consistent. Freehold dictates full ownership of the land, while leasehold indicates a lease contract for a set period. It is important to note that leasehold titles can be renewed and extended.

Again, due to the scale of the African continent, the climate varies significantly. Valiha Island, for example, located near Madagascar, experiences two seasons and roughly 330 days of sunshine each year. Koome Island, in Lake Victoria, also has year-round warm temperatures but also experiences significant rains.

4 Private Islands for Sale in Africa

African Private Islands in Numbers
Private islands (and parcels) for sale: 4
Median island size: 641.5 acres (2,600,000 SQM)
Median island price: $4,450,000 USD
Median island square meter price: $8 USD

Tambuzi Island ($8,000,000)

  • Location: The Quirimba Archipelago, Cabo Delgado
  • Size: 128 acres, ~52 hectares
  • Description: 17km from shore, 29km east of Mocímboa da Praia Airport
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Development: Developed
  • Listing: Exquisite Hotel Consultants
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Tambuzi Island is located in the Quirimba Archipelago, a collective of 32 tropical islands off the coast of Mozambique. The area belongs to the Quirimbas Biosphere Reserve, making it a highly attractive location for nature lovers and divers. True to its UNESCO designation, the archipelago is a valuable intersection of Mozambique’s ancient history and tropical landscapes – from colonial monuments and maritime fortifications to lush indigenous vegetation and crystalline shores.

Tambuzi, specifically, is a 128-acre island curated for tropical leisure. Alongside its remarkable offering of leisure activities – snorkelling, kayaking, nature walks, birdwatching, whale watching, and more – the property features 8 luxury villas, all designed to integrate into the island landscape seamlessly. Each residence spans 120 square meters and comprises a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, an outdoor shower, and an ocean-facing porch. Air conditioning and appliances are present throughout too. A communal hall houses the island’s restaurant and lounge.

The island is a concession, renewable for fifty-year periods. The Mozambique investment company that owns Tambuzi possesses all the necessary permits for construction work and operations – they also have received authorisation for a runway to be built. 

Tambuzi is a fully operational luxury resort – an enticing investment opportunity for ambitious buyers.

Valiha Island ($4,450,000)

  • Location: Mitsio Archipelago
  • Size: 950 acres, 384 hectares
  • Description: 3km from shore, 63km west of Arrachart Airport
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Development: Partially Developed
  • Listing: Private Islands Inc
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Valiha Island is located northwest of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel – a stretch of the Indian Ocean known for its diversity of marine life. 

The property, available on a 30-year renewable lease, presents a multitude of commercial opportunities. The potential for luxury, oceanview apartments, an eco-resort, and an aircraft landing strip has already been investigated – Valiha’s climate and natural bounty make it an ideal location for touristic development. Now, the island’s long-term holders are seeking investors to help carry the property to its potential. 

Valiha spans 950 acres and serves as a sanctuary for indigenous wildlife and flora. Turtles nest on the island’s eastern beaches, the surrounding reefs are busy with colourful marine species, and the native vegetation includes tamarind, banana, mango, and coconut palms. Humpback whales are also common visitors to Valiha’s shores.

Koome Island ($4,000,000)

  • Location: Lake Victoria
  • Size: 3053 acres, 1236 hectares
  • Description: 37km SE of Kampala, 43km SE of Entebbe International Airport
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listing: Private Islands Inc
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Koome Island is a 3693-acre Ugandan property located on Africa’s most famous inland body of water, Lake Victoria – 3053 acres of the island are available for purchase. 

The island’s owners are offering parcels of land on Koome for $1400 USD per acre, but would also consider selling all 3053 acres for the sum of $4,000,000. 

Koome is, as of now, almost entirely undeveloped. Though, it does present itself as an ideal location for development, given its natural bounty and proximity to the international airport in Entebbe. 

The island’s soil is very nutrient-rich and supports a variety of local plants and fruits. More than half of the acreage features high-quality hardwood.

For many investors, Koome Island is an intriguing opportunity that demands further inquiry.

Sikowanzala Island (Price Upon Request)

  • Location: Lake Kariba
  • Size: 333 acres, 135 hectares
  • Description: 600m from shore, 88km east of Choma, 238km NE of H.M.N Airport
  • Ownership: Leasehold
  • Development: Non-developed
  • Listing: Vladi Private Islands
  • Map: See on Google Earth

Sikowanzala spans 333 acres in Lake Kariba, Zambia. Though undeveloped, the island’s value derives from its rich biodiversity and connection with the surrounding landscapes. Resident wildlife on the island includes fish eagles, 15 impalas, nine kudos, three families of porcupines, two families of African bush pigs, bushbuck, and African small cats – the surrounding waters are also home to hippos and crocodiles. There is further scope to add more species to the island. 

The purchase also includes a mainland encampment comprising housing, power, and water facilities. This mainland property is a three-hour drive from the nearest airport, with the island itself being a further 20 minutes by boat.

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